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Food Shelter Project looking for a community in desert region for date palm demonstration project

​The Food Shelter Project is looking for a community to participate in a project providing solutions for shortage of resources and poverty alleviation. The project also addresses the theme of the 3rd UNCCD Scientific Conference “Combating Desertification, Land Degradation and Drought for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development” by using common agricultural waste to construct simple buildings and teach communities how to do this, using palm leaf fronds.

According to the Food Shelter Project date palm leaf forms part of the agricultural waste in 46 countries, most of which are in a desert  climate. Each date palm tree has ten dry palm leaves per year that need to be cut off annually to enable growth of dates for the next year. Currently those dry palm fronds are landfilled. One region alone can generate up to 23 tons of material.

The Food Shelter Project does not want those materials to go to waste, and is setting up a project to demonstrate how those materials can be used. It is a case study for a building prototype that could be adapted for various uses such as schools, clinics and community centers as well as housing. At the same time the simple aim of this project is to address the problem of food being wasted due to lack of adequate shelter

Looking for a community in a desert region

The Food Shelter Project is interested in finding a community in a desert region, where date palm leaves are cultivated and where they can deliver a demonstration project.  In essence, they are looking for a site of 1000m2 and a community that would like to be self-sustainable. The project would like to work for this with local farmers on delivery of dry palm fronds and with a local community on the construction of a date palm leaf shelter prototype.

The project would involve provision of a land near oasis 1000m2, dry palm leaves, basic tools and 26 people for construction over three weeks period and basic fees.

The Food Shelter Project aims to demonstrate a revival of dry palm leaf through technology and its re-introduction to circular economy. For them this project could provide invaluable statistics for their intended input at the UNCCD 3rd Scientific Conference.

Can you help? For further information please contact Sandra Piesik:

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