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The Big launch is here!

15 April 2013 Mr. Luc Gnacadja, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), officially launched the organization’s Capacity Building Marketplace.

This launch showcased this innovation that promises to be not only the engine driving the Secretariat’s work in capacity building, but a key support mechanism for facilitating capacity building on sustainable land management globally, which is a cornerstone on which efficacious implementation of the Convention must be built.​

The Marketplace located on the Secretariat’s website at:, is the brainchild of UNCCD's Capacity Building Officer, Dr. Richard Byron-cox. He stresses that what is unique about this Marketplace, is its direct linking of demand and supply for capacity building in all aspects of the UNCCD process, ensuring that the needs and possible solutions are brought together, and creating a connecting bridge between the two which before now did not exist. 

This, the world’s first marketplace on capacity building for sustainable land management is totally interactive, focused on bringing all initiatives, tools, measures and ideas to all stakeholders in a most user friendly manner. The entire global is not merely invited, but will be most actively encouraged to participate in, and use this space for the promotion and enhancement of the implementation of the UNCCD. And through this, offer greater benefits to good global environmental governance, and sustainable development as a whole.

This innovation in the approach to capacity building within the framework of the UNCCD, allows for daily updates on this subject, with opportunities ranging from scholarships and fellowships, to e-learning and university courses. It presents the users with great possibilities for exchange and interchange in the area of knowledge sharing and accumulation. Volunteers and those looking for their services are brought face to face regardless of their location in the world; so too are those offering consultancies and those seeking the services of consultants.

On this Marketplace the creation and development of bilateral and multilateral partnerships are main themes in the rainbow of opportunities and possibilities on offer. The UNCCD Parties, partner organisations, the small collectives and individuals are all provided with new and real openings for cooperation with others on an unprecedented scale. Byron-Cox points out that “capacity building is realized through inter alia training; the exchange and transfer of skills, knowledge and technology; and the creation of effectively functioning institutions and mechanisms. Partnership is therefore central to all of this, and the Marketplace is a global space bringing potential partners involved in capacity building to a common interface where the can cooperate and collaborate.”

Trade is fundamental to life as we understand it today. And, the movement of goods and services from where they are, to where they are needed is central to our very existence. It is no different with capacity building within the framework of this Convention’s process. There must be the movement of capacity through sharing. It must move from where it is in abundance, to where it is limited and therefore required. This Marketplace is the vehicle that will make this happen as regards sustainable land management.  But for it to achieve its lofty goals there is need for all to make use of it. Trade is the lifeblood of every market, and there can be no trade without traders, and without goods and services to exchange. All are therefore encouraged to enter the Marketplace bringing their needs and their supply, helping to make it a global market for capacity building on sustainable land management.

We welcome you to the UNCCD Capacity Building Marketplace!

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