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The UNCCD Capacity Building Marketplace is here!

​The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification   (UNCCD) Secretariat shall on 15th April 2013 launch the all new and exciting UNCCD Capacity Building Marketplace.

This event to take place under the auspices of Mr. Luc Gnacadja, Executive Secretary of the UNCCD, shall be held during the Eleventh Session of the Committee for the Review of the Implementation of the Convention (CRIC-11), in Bonn, Germany, and is opened to all delegates and participants at the CRIC.

The Marketplace is an innovative, dynamic and totally interactive one-stop shop for all matters related to capacity building within the framework of the UNCCD. All parties, organizations and individuals with an interest in this field of capacity building are welcome to participate and make full use of this space that will surely drive the capacity building agenda.

The Marketplace goal is to be that central place where all demands and supply as regards capacity building as concerns the implementation of the UNCCD are brought together, thus facilitating easy, rewarding and relevant exchange and interchange. This goal will be achieved through among other measures, collecting and diffusing globally, the capacity building needs identified by Parties and other stakeholders in the UNCCD process. It shall also collect and disseminate all available and emerging opportunities, helping to match these opportunities directly with the identified needs. 

The offerings on the Marketplace include possibilities to secure scholarships, fellowships, internships and to become a volunteer, as well as e-learning, university courses, and a tremendous among of opportunities for knowledge sharing. It is designed as an interactive platform, very user friendly, inviting participation in different ways, including through sharing success stories and using the available partnerships opportunities to deepen and widen cooperation and collaboration in the field of capacity building at all levels.

A preview of this exciting innovation can be had at: The Secretariat welcomes all to the Marketplace, the use of which is absolutely free of cost.

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