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New E-learning opportunities

​Every day new e-learning opportunties are created. The ones that can help support Capacity Building to the UNCCD are added to this website.

In the next few weeks you can participate in the following courses. Some courses are only offered once, so make sure you do not miss it!


The Atmosphere, the Ocean, and Environmental Change
This free course which is offered by the Yale University explores the physical processes that control Earth's atmosphere, ocean, and climate. The course, rich in video and audio elements, equips participants with knowledge in the field of the following topics: clouds, rain, severe storms, regional climate, the ozone layer, air pollution, ocean currents and productivity, the seasons, El Niño, the history of Earth's climate, global warming, energy, and water resources.
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Soil Management (Agriculture)
In this new e-learning course participants learn about various aspects of soil and soil health. The course gives a detailed insight into the field of soil and teaches how to improve soils and how participants can benefit from them. The course is structured into eight extensive lessons and provides over 100 hours of learning material.
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Environmental Flows
This course, starting in 02 September 2013, is offered by UNESCO and is designed for professionals active in water resources management, environmental conservation and/or research. The course introduces the concept of environmental flows, explains why they are necessary, how to assess and implement them and what they can achieve and what they cannot. Participants complete the course in a part-time, online learning mode over a period of 16 weeks with a total workload of 140 hours.
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Other courses starting soon:

The following courses start in the next few weeks:


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