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The grants section of the Marketplace

In September 2013 the UNCCD Capacity Building Marketplace introduced its grants section. In this section you can find study, research and other grants, related to sustainable land management and/or drought, offered by various institutions and organizations around the world. The Marketplace offers this service to enable people to make use of these grants to further research and expand their knowledge, thus supporting the further development of skills and experiences necessary for the efficacious implementation of the UNCCD.
The Capacity Building Marketplace, as the central point for capacity building exchange to support the UNCCD process, serves as a one-stop shop for all capacity building related issues to promote sustainable land and water resources management. It provides easy access to offers, and provides you a space to inform the world of your demands. Furthermore, all of this is promoted using social media and other channels so that opportunities reach as many beneficiaries as possible.
Types of opportunities offered
The opportunities offered in the grants section include study, research, and grants for the implementation of projects to support sustainable land management (SLM). Also listed are awards that offer a (monetary) price for projects in this field and recognize and honor outstanding local initiatives. Students and researchers in the field of sustainable development and drought can make use of the grant opportunities offered to further enhance their capacities. There are also grants which support organizations such as NGOs working in the area of sustainable land management in the implementation of their projects and/or the expansion of their activities
The grant offers and demands on the Marketplace originate from a wide range of sources, and from stakeholders that contribute to the efficacious implementation of the objectives of the UNCCD. The Marketplace serves as a central point of information exchange in this process. For this arrangement to function inputs from both the demand and supply sides of capacity building equation are critical. Therefore, the UNCCD Capacity Building Marketplace invites all stakeholders to join the Marketplace and share their grant offers and demands, to increase interaction, and thereby, help the Marketplace to realize its function in a most efficacious manner.
The Marketplace, a one-stop shop
Related sections of the Marketplace include a guide offering support for organizations seeking funding through crowdfunding and donations. Also, students looking for study grants can explore relevant university programmes on the Marketplace, and researchers looking for fellowships can also explore research positions available.
Expanding in 2014
Currently the grants section offers a listing of over 200 opportunities, reaching more than 3.000 people every month. The goal for the grants section on the Marketplace in 2014 is to further increase the outreach, so that more and more capacity building offers reach as many stakeholders as possible. It will utilize all channels available, so that the information on the Marketplace reaches every point on the globe.
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