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Welcome to the UNCCD Capacity Building Marketplace

​The UNCCD Capacity Building Marketplace aims to be the one site bringing needs and possible solutions together, linking demand for and supply of capacity building within the framework of the UNCCD for all concerned directly or otherwise with the UNCCD process, and in particular with the implementation of its 10-Year Strategy.

This marketplace addresses the issue of the creation, strengthening and building of capacity in real and concrete ways, seeking to provide direct solutions for identified needs. On these pages users can inter alia, share their experiences and new ideas; have possibilities to increase their knowledge and skills from various sources; shall be informed on what is happening in the world of capacity building globally, and shall be able to have direct influence on the future development of these pages.

This Capacity Building Marketplace links all existing and emerging supply and demand there are relating to capacity for the meaningful implementation of the Convention, thus making for quick and easy transactions. This Marketplace fulfils its mission by providing the visitors with a wide range of possibilities in the most user friendly manner. It further invites them to make their own contributions in making this the most comprehensive marketplace of its kind in the world.

The services to be found in this marketplace include:

You can visit the marketplace for an overview of all services offered.

All visitors are encouraged to make full use of the resources of this page. Additionally, visitors are encouraged to provide their comments, criticisms and ideas as regards improving this market place, through the” have your say” section.





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Richard Byron-Cox , UNCCD Capacity Building Officer

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