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Capacity Building Marketplace 

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Getting started​ - Welcome!

Find out what the Marketplace offers for your individual goals​


The UNCCD Capacity Building Marketplace functions as an exchange platform for those seeking and offering knowledge, training and opportunities related to the UNCCD’s mandate as regards the issues of capacity building. The Marketplace supports students, grassroots movements, professionals, researchers, Civil Society Organizations (CSO), farmers’ organizations and the general public to develop their full potential in the areas of sustainable land management and addressing the issues of drought. Additionally, it provides support tools and resources to country Parties to help facilitate the effective implementation of the Convention.

Get started! We invite you to have a look at the guides below, which will introduce you to the functions, structure and opportunities offered on the Marketplace, so that you may quickly and easily find what is relevant to you, according to your specific goals, needs and interests.
The first guide, "Four paths to develop your skill-set for your career" is perfect for you if you aspire to expand your skills and pursue a career in the field of sustainable land management (SLM) and tackling the issues of drought:
For professionals and organizations already working towards achieving SLM and tackling drought, or for those about to start their own project, and/or NGO in these fields, the following guide offers a quick overview on how you may increase your capacity using The Marketplace:
A new guide about crowdfunding and how to manage your project will be launched soon!

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Support Tools and Resources 

The Marketplace provides you with all the necessary Tools and Resources to inform yourself and stay up-to-date on the progress of the UNCCD process and current developments in the sustainability sector relevant to desertification, land degradation and drought. Additionally you can take (free) e-learning courses designed and developed by the Marketplace team to gain specialist knowledge on the UNCCD process, its institutions and guiding principles. Participants who successfully complete these course  will receive  certificates from the Secretariat.

Here you will find further information regarding the UNCCD Process:

​E-Learning courses by the Marketplace on the UNCCD process:
Find relevant and up-to-date reports and information on recent developments and innovative approaches in sustainable land management and addressing drought in our Publications section.

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