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Team and partners

The UNCCD Capacity Building Marketplace brings needs and possible solutions together, linking demand for and supply of capacity building within the framework of the UNCCD for all concerned directly or otherwise with the UNCCD process. The Marketplace provides up-to-date information on all the latest opportunities available around the world. It is managed by the UNCCD’s  Action Programme Alignment and Capacity Building Officer, Dr. Richard Byron-Cox, who is supported by an international team including consultants, interns and volunteers. It is created by the world for the world.

Ahmid Daccarett, André BarrosAbraham Nida, Massimo Candelori, Tomas Sasko, Antje Gartner, Jeroen van Dalen, Dr. Richard Byron-Cox (order from left to right)


The Marketplace is made possible with support of interns at the UNCCD secretariat in Bonn, Germany. Currently, the following interns are part of the Marketplace team:

Antje Gärtner
"I want to experience what is possible and necessary to adapt to and prevent environmental damage in the most vulnerable areas of the world"

Tomas Sasko
"The aspect of turning the theoretical knowledge into practice  and gain valuable experience for the future is what I mostly want to take away from this internship"

André Barros
"My main aim is to get a better understanding on how science can influence the political decisions on global, national and local levels"

We would like to thank all our previous team members: Ahmad Alzeitoun, Young Hee Lee, Nadine Draheim, Ahmid Daccarett, Abraham Nida, Jakob Averbeck, Alida Toe, Faryal Ashraf, Olga Lebedeva, Leila Vaziri Zanjani, Irene Najjemba, and Lina Zdruli.

Are you a student interested in the work of the UNCCD? Then, the Marketplace frequently offers new internships. So check out our vacancies for internships if you want to join our team!


An important contribution to the Marketplace is made by our online volunteers, working through the UNV Online Volunteering Platform.

We would like to thank the volunteers who contributed so far: Parijat Bhardwaj, Tarindu Haputhantri, Ehsanul Hoque, Apurva Kumar Pandya, Yaron Schwartz, Aminur Rahman Shah, and Fatima Yamin.

You can join the UNV online volunteering platform if you want to support us, and organizations like us, as an online volunteer!

Supported by the Global Support Programme

The Capacity Building Marketplace supports Country Parties in developing their capacity towards the implementation of the UNCCD, including support for the reporting process. For this, the Marketplace operates within the framework of the Global Support Programme, funded by the GEF and implemented by UNEP.


In keeping the Marketplace up-to-date the team works with a number of partners. And, we are always looking for new partners while strengthening relations with those we already have. If your organization shares the capacity building goals of the UNCCD and you will like to partner with us, please advice accordingly via e-mail:

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