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Reporting Manual 2014: Overview of Acronyms

List of acronyms

ACP                 affected country Party
CBD                 Convention on Biological Diversity
CBMP              Capacity Building Market Place
CONS              consolidated indicator
COP                 Conference of the Parties
CRIC                Committee for the Review of Implementation of the Convention
CRS                 Creditor Reporting System
CSO                 civil society organization
CST                  Committee on Science and Technology
DAC                 Development Assistance Commission
DCP                 developed country Party
DLDD               desertification/land degradation and drought
GEF                 Global Environment Facility
GM                  Global Mechanism
IFS                   integrated financial strategy
IIF                    integrated investment framework
NAP                 national action programme to combat desertification
NCSA               national capacity self-assessment
NFP                 national focal point
OECD               Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
ODA                 Official Development Assistance
PPS                 Programme/Project Sheet
PRAIS              performance review and assessment of implementation system
RAC                 Relevant Activity Code
RM                  Rio Marker
SEC                 UNCCD secretariat
SFA                  Standard Financial Annex
SRAP               subregional action programme to combat desertification
SRAP, RAP      subregional and regional reporting entities
RAP                 regional action programme to combat desertification
RCU                 Regional Coordination Unit
STI                   science and technology institution
UFA                 unified financial annex
UN/IGO           United Nations/intergovernmental organization
UNCCD            United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification
UNFCCC          United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
UNDP              United Nations Development Programme
UNDDD           United Nations Decade for Deserts and the fight against Desertification


UNEP              United Nations Environment Programme



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