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Outcome area 1.3
Civil society organizations (CSOs) and the scientific community in the North and the South are increasingly engaged as stakeholders in the Convention processes and desertification/land degradation and drought are addressed in their advocacy, awareness-raising and education initiatives
Number of civil society organizations (CSOs) and science and technology institutions (STIs) participating in the Convention processes
Global target
A steady growth in the participation of CSOs and STIs in the Convention processes is recorded along the implementation period of The Strategy
To be reported on by
Understanding the indicator
At the national level, the indicator measures the level of participation of CSOs and STIs in DLDD-related programmes and projects. The indicator will outline whether the active involvement of these stakeholders in DLDD-related initiatives increases over time and whether programmes/ projects are valid tools for the engagement of, and receiving contributions from, CSOs and STIs at the field level.
Reporting at the subregional/regional level will complement this information by shedding light on support provided to CSO and STI education initiatives at levels other than the national or local level, while reporting from international institutions may provide information on support provided at all levels.
Reporting entities can, furthermore, complement the information provided under this indicator by reporting details of what kind of initiatives they are undertaking in order to increase CSOs and STIs participation in the Convention process.
Data needed
§  A list of the organizations involved in the programmes/projects in the reporting country as well as in the affected countries;
§  Programme and project reports and/or documents;
§  Information provided by CSOs on CONS-O-3;
§  Attendance lists of STIs and CSOs in official meetings of the COP/CRIC/CST;
Data sources
§  Reports from CSOs and STIs involved in the DLDD-related programmes and projects in the reporting country;
§  Reports on the meetings organized in the framework of the Convention process (such as the meetings of the COP and its subsidiary bodies; meetings of the regional implementation annexes; UNCCD scientific conferences; civil society meetings and workshops; etc.)
§  Reports provided by CSOs within the framework of the UNCCD reporting exercise.
Check the glossary
“Science and technology institutions (STIs)”, “Civil society organizations (CSOs)”, “Convention processes”.
National contribution to the global target
In order to identify which CSOs involved in DLDD-related programmes/projects should be counted, refer to the definition of CSOs in the glossary. Count both the CSOs that are accredited by the COP and those that are not.
The same procedure applies for the STIs.
Voluntary national target
The achievement of a percentage increase of CSOs and STIs by a given year is proposed as the national voluntary target.
The articulation of the global target for this indicator refers to two different entities, jointly considered. Should you have established separate goals for CSOs and STIs participation, this can be reported under the second voluntary national target section: leave blank the answer to the first question (“Percent increase in the number of CSOs and STIs participating in the Convention process at the national level, per biennium”), and report the two separate national targets for CSOs and STIs under the second question (“Which national target your country has established to measure progress in achieving the priorities established in the national action programme, if different from the target suggested above?”). Please note that the two options are mutually exclusive.
Not applicable for reporting entities other than ACPs.
Qualitative assessment
Should your country/organization undertake any action to increase the participation of such entities in the Convention process, please respond affirmatively and provide any additional information you deem useful with regard to the actions, activities and policies being implemented in this regard.

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