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Outcome area 2.4
Developed country Parties mainstream UNCCD objectives and sustainable land management interventions into their development cooperation programmes/projects in line with their support to national sectoral and investment plans
Number of partnership agreements established within the framework of the Convention between developed country Parties/United Nations and IGO and affected country Parties
Global target
Active UNCCD-related partnership agreements in each affected country Party
≥ 2
To be reported on by
Understanding the indicator
The indicator measures the existence of policy-enabling environments by quantifying the number of partnership agreements established between developed country Parties (DCPs) and affected country Parties (ACPs).
The assumption is that the higher the number of partnerships agreements on which affected country Parties may count, the higher their chance of relying on diverse resources to tackle the objectives of the Convention.
Data needed
§  Records of partnership agreements concluded in a written form during the reporting period.
Data sources
§  Reports from relevant ministries and departments, including development cooperation, technical and scientific cooperation, financial cooperation, multilateral cooperation, etc.
Check the glossary
“partnership agreement”, “integrated investment framework”, “Integrated financing strategy (IFS)”.
National contribution to the global target
In order to identify which partnerships to include, please note that DCPs should report on all partnership agreements (a) which are established within the framework of the Convention and (b) that were concluded in the years 2011–2012. No specificity or dependence of the partnership on the existence and/or implementation of any NAP/SRAP/RAP is required.
UN organizations, IGO and the GEF will complement the information provided by DCPs by reporting on partnership agreements established with affected country Parties on a multilateral basis.
Please note: partnership agreements relevant to DLDD that have been established outside the framework of the Convention can be reported in the qualitative assessment section below.
Qualitative assessment
For each partnership concluded in the reporting period, the title and the beneficiary of the agreement are to be indicated. Under “partnership agreement”, the name of the agreement should be indicated first. After that please identify whether this partnership was concluded with a country or a subregion or a region. When choosing the country tag, the drop-down menu for the location will automatically provide you with a list of UNCCD country Parties. When choosing a subregion under the “category” tag, all subregions will become available. So please choose “category” first and then “location”.
Please also indicate whether your country is planning to establish any other partnership agreement within the framework of the Convention from 2013 onwards.
Please note: additional fields under the qualitative assessment section can be opened, according to the number of partnership agreements established in the reporting period.

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