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Outcome area 2.5
Mutually reinforcing measures among desertification/land degradation action programmes and biodiversity and climate change mitigation and adaptation are introduced or strengthened so as to enhance the impact of interventions
Number of initiatives for synergistic planning/programming of the three Rio conventions or mechanisms for joint implementation, at all levels
Global target
Each affected country Party has either one joint national plan in place or functional mechanism(s) to ensure synergies among the three Rio conventions 
by 2014
To be reported on by
Understanding the indicator
At the national, subregional and regional levels, the indicator measures the existence of synergistic processes through the number of instruments (i.e. joint planning/programming and/or operational mechanisms) in place which foster the introduction of, or strengthen the mutually reinforcing measures among, the three Rio Conventions. Support provided to such processes by DCPs will be captured, thus indicating to what extent development partners support affected countries in facilitating synergistic implementation at the national, subregional and regional levels.
The assumption is that the higher the number of enabling instruments in place and supported, the higher the possibility of achieving synergies in implementation.
Data needed
§     Planning/programming documents and legislative/regulatory documents;
§     Information on operational mechanisms explicitly aimed at achieving joint implementation, synergies and convergence, as well as at introducing or strengthening reinforcing measures among the Rio Conventions;
§     Information provided by CSOs.
Data sources
Relevant national ministries, information and/or reports received from CSOs.
Check the glossary
“Joint planning/programming initiatives, “Operational mechanisms for joint implementation or mutual reinforcement”.
National contribution to the global target
An indicative list of joint planning/programming activities and operational mechanisms to promote synergy among the Rio Conventions is set out below:
1.                   Collaboration among national focal points:
§     Schedule periodic meetings between focal points and focal point teams;
§     Establish a national coordinating committee for implementation of the three Rio Conventions, including, as appropriate, mainstreaming into sustainable development strategies, the Millennium Development Goals and other relevant sectors and strategies;
§     Engage focal points from other relevant conventions when forming a position for negotiations.
2. Cooperation on national-level planning:
§     Review existing national plans to identify gaps in synergy;
§     Identify relevant sector plans and policies that could benefit from cooperation on biodiversity, desertification and climate change;
§     Revise relevant plans and policies, as appropriate, to enhance cooperation;
§     Build institutional and scientific capacity and raise awareness among different ministries, policymakers and non-governmental organizations dealing with the three Rio Conventions and other relevant conventions.
3.  Collaboration at the level of convention bodies and secretariats:
§     Provide input, as appropriate, to the Joint Liaison Group.
4. Collaboration on specific relevant topics:
§     Provide inputs to the technology transfer databases of the three Rio Conventions;
§     Prepare, as appropriate, transparent impact assessments and risk analyses on the transferred technologies, taking into consideration economic viability, social acceptability and environmental benefits;
§     Enhance cooperation among national focal points for the implementation of the programme of work on technology transfer under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).
All these activities and mechanisms can be implemented between the UNCCD and one of the other two Rio conventions (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and CBD), or among the three conventions.
Please note: if you answer that your country did not have any such initiative or mechanism in place during the reporting period, two different fields will be displayed in the “voluntary national target” section below.
Voluntary national target
The plan to implement joint planning and programming initiatives and the plan to establish a mechanism for joint implementation by given years are proposed as national voluntary targets.
If your country has different national targets for this indicator, please indicate it in the text box (please note that you should either confirm your plans as described above or indicate a different target; the two options are mutually exclusive).
Please note: if you answer that your country had such an initiative or mechanism in place during the reporting period, two different fields will be displayed in the “qualitative assessment” section below.
Qualitative assessment
Qualitative assessment aims to capture standardized information on the type of joint planning and programming initiatives and synergistic mechanisms that are in place in your country. If you feel that the predefined clusters do not do justice to what your government or institution is doing or supporting, please use the open text box to provide additional information.

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