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Outcome area 3.6
Science and technology networks and institutions relevant to desertification/land degradation and drought are engaged to support UNCCD implementation
Number of science and technology networks, institutions or scientists engaged in research mandated by the COP
Global target
No target has been set for this indicator
To be reported on by
Understanding the indicator
This indicator is designed to assess to what extent the implementation of the Convention is guided by scientific evidence. It measures the presence of Convention-driven research processes through the quantification of technology networks, institutions and scientists having contributed with their research work to the implementation of the Convention.
Only research mandated by the COP should be accounted for, such as work done by networks, scientific institutions, relevant organization and individuals for the UNCCD scientific conferences, or by ad hoc panels of experts or other working groups established by the COP upon request by the CST.
Data needed
§    Information on collaborating institutions, networks and scientists;
§    Reports on UNCCD scientific conferences;
§    Records of the secretariat.
Data sources
Only research and other similar works mandated by the COP should be considered, such as contribution to white papers, engagement in peer review, preparation of documents/papers for UNCCD scientific conferences, preparation of documents/working papers by ad hoc working groups etc.
Check the glossary
“Science and technology institutions (STIs)”, “science and technology networks”.
Please note: this indicator will be compiled by the UNCCD secretariat.
The secretariat will review all agreements and memorandums of understanding signed in the biennium under consideration as well as all official documents and reports prepared for the secretariat by consultants, groups of experts and working groups involved in the preparation of scientific conferences and other science-related mechanisms, in order to identify the total number of networks, institutions and individual scientists engaged in UNCCD-related activities.

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