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Outcome area 5.2
Developed country Parties provide substantial, adequate, timely and predictable financial resources to support domestic initiatives to reverse and prevent desertification/land degradation and mitigate the effects of drought
Degree of adequacy, timeliness and predictability of financial resources made available by developed country Parties to combat DLDD
Global target
No target has been set for this indicator
To be reported on by
Understanding the indicator
This is a qualitative indicator requiring the perception-based assessment by affected country Parties entitled for assistance under the Convention, of the extent to which the bilateral financial contributions received from developed country Parties meets their needs. “Adequacy”, “timeliness” and “predictability” of the provision of financial resources are frequently referred to in The Strategy as being necessary to ensure proper planning and effective implementation of the Convention.
Please note that Parties that report both as an ACP and a DCP are not required to provide information in their ACP report for this indicator.
Subregional and regional reporting entities will complement the information provided by affected country Parties by reporting on their perception-based assessments of financial support received from bilateral donors for subregional and regional processes relating to the implementation of the Convention, particularly the formulation and implementation of SRAPs and RAPS.
Data needed
Financial commitments to support DLDD-related projects and programmes during the reporting period.
Data sources
Check the glossary
“Bilateral official development assistance (BODA)”.
Please note: this indicator should be compiled by those affected country Parties that do not have dual ACP/DCP status under the Convention.
Rating of the bilateral assistance
The assessment of the financial assistance received by developed country Parties ACPs should be made with regard to the contribution received during the reporting period. Only bilateral assistance actually disbursed should be considered.
Qualitative assessment
Additionally, eligible affected country should indicate whether they have received assistance in raising resources from bilateral donors, and from whom. Entities which may have assisted countries in this regard include the secretariat, the GM and any other UN and IGO.

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