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Outcome area 5.4
Innovative sources of finance and financing mechanisms are identified to combat desertification/land degradation and mitigate the effects of drought, including from the private sector, market-based mechanisms, trade, foundations and CSOs, and other financing mechanisms for climate change adaptation and mitigation, biodiversity conservation and sustainable use and for hunger and poverty reduction
Outcome area 5.5
Access to technology by affected country Parties is facilitated through adequate financing, effective economic and policy incentives and technical support, notably within the framework of South-South and North-South cooperation
Amount of financial resources and type of incentives which have enabled access to technology by affected country Parties
Global target
A steady growth in the financial resources allocated to facilitate access to technology by affected country Parties is recorded along the implementation period of the Strategy
A steady growth in the number of economic and policy incentives reported upon is recorded along the implementation period of the Strategy
To be reported on by
Understanding the indicator
The indicator measures whether access to technology is facilitated by means of financial resources or economic and policy incentives.
At the national level, the indicator will provide information on to what extent an enabling environment for technology transfer has been created and whether sufficient resources are dedicated to technology transfer.
Data needed
§  Budgets of relevant programmes and projects;
§  Information on policy/regulatory, financial and fiscal incentives. Incentives facilitating access to technology are those established and implemented at the national level, and not necessarily only within the framework of DLDD-related cooperation.
Data sources
§  Financial documents of programmes and projects submitted as UFAs to the UNCCD as part of the reporting exercise;
§  National policy, regulatory and economic/financial documents.
Check the glossary
“Technology transfer”, “Technical support”, “Incentive”, “UFA”.
National contribution to the global target
Affected country Parties should report on the amount of financial allocations to facilitate access to technology received in the reporting period.
Affected country Parties should also report whether they have established any economic and policy incentives to facilitate access to technology. These incentives may include the following:
§  Policy or regulatory incentives (for example, related to market requirements and regulations, import/export, foreign investment, research and development support, etc.);
§  Financial incentives (for example, preferential rates, State aid, subsidies, cash grants, loan guarantees, etc.);
§  Fiscal incentives (for example, exemption from or reduction of taxes, duties, fees, etc.).
No such information is required for subregional and regional reporting entities.
Voluntary national target
The increase in financial resources allocations to facilitate access to technology by a given year is proposed as the national voluntary target.
If your country has a different national target for this indicator, please indicate it in the text box (please note that you should either confirm your plans or indicate a different target; the two options are mutually exclusive).
Qualitative assessment
Beyond the mere financial allocations, affected country Parties may wish to assess the effectiveness of such initiatives. Technology transfer programmes can be considered effective if they:
§  Address the specific needs of the affected country Party for innovative technology and knowledge, enabling it to better respond to the provisions of the Convention and the requirements of The Strategy; 
§  Ensure that technology and scientific developments are made accessible to a wide range of users, who are then able to further build on these developments to create new products, processes, applications and materials;
§  Involve the most relevant actors at the national level;
§  Mobilize the appropriate amount of financial resources and range of instruments.

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