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Once the report has been duly filled in, authorized and signed, it can be submitted to the UNCCD secretariat via an online reporting platform, accessible at <>.
Officially designated reporting officers will receive at the appropriate time and via e-mail a user name and password. Use these credentials to log in to the online reporting platform. Once logged in, you will be able to upload and submit the PDF fillable template file used to complete your report.
Name of the reporting and authorizing officers
Please indicate first the full name of the reporting officer designated by your country/organization/ institution, as well as the date of completion of the report. Please insert a valid e-mail address as signature.
Then please indicate the name of the officer authorizing the report (i.e. for country Parties, usually the relevant line minister or similar high-level official in the government), if different from the reporting officer.
Dates of submission and authorization
Please note that the date of submission must be the same as or later than the date of authorization.
Please insert a valid e-mail address as signature. Please note that it should be the e-mail address of the reporting and the authorizing officers.

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