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​Review of reports by the CRIC

Once country Parties and other reporting entities have submitted their reports to the Secretariat, these reports are the sent to the Committee for the Review of the Implementation of the Convention (CRIC). This is so, because as Its name suggests, this is the main task of the CRIC, which is one of the two key  subsidiary bodies of the COP.

The detailed tasks for the CRIC are described in its Terms or Reference (Decision 11/COP.9).  These tasks include assessment of implementation of the Convention and the 10-year strategic plan (2008–2018) through the review of information provided by Parties and other reporting entities, and a performance review of the Convention’s institutions and subsidiary bodies.

CRIC sessions

The CRIC is one of the two standing subsidiary bodies to assist the COP.  The CRIC sessions usually take place once year. There is a CRIC session during the ordinary session of the COP, and there is one between the sessions of the COP, that is the year when a regular COP will not meet. The final report on sessions held between ordinary sessions of the COP contains its recommendations on further steps to be taken to facilitate effective implementation of the Convention.

Reports and analysis

In accordance with its terms of reference, during sessions held between ordinary sessions of the COP, the CRIC shall focus its work on the review of the implementation of the Convention by Parties through, inter alia:

  • Undertaking an assessment of implementation against performance indicators every two years and against impact indicators every four years;
  • Disseminating best practices on the implementation of the Convention;
    Reviewing financial flows for the implementation of the Convention;
  • To assist the work of the CRIC the secretariat shall prepare a synthesis and preliminary analysis of the reports submitted by Parties.

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