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Performance indicators and their reporting attribution

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​You can download the full reporting manual for 2014 here:

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  Outcome Symbol Name ACP DCP








OO1 1.1 CONS‑O‑1 Number and size of information events organized on the subject of DLDD and/or DLDD synergies with climate change and biodiversity, and audience reached by media addressing DLDD and DLDD synergies.  
1.2 CONS‑O‑2 Number of official documents and decisions at international, regional and subregional levels relating to DLDD issues.  
1.3 CONS‑O‑3 Number of CSOs and science and technology institutions participating in the Convention processes.  
CONS‑O‑4 Number and type of DLDD-related initiatives of CSOs and science and technology institutions in the field of education.  
OO2 2.1
CONS‑O‑5 Number of ACPs, subregional and regional entities to have finalized the formulation/revision of NAPs/SRAPs/RAPs aligned to The Strategy, taking into account biophysical and socio-economic information, national planning and policies, and integration into investment frameworks.  
2.4 CONS‑O‑6 Number of partnership agreements established within the framework of the Convention between DCPs, UN/IGO and ACPs.  
2.5 CONS‑O‑7 Number of initiatives for synergistic planning/programming of the three Rio conventions or mechanisms for joint implementation, at all levels.  
OO3 3.1
CONS‑O‑8 Number of affected country Parties, subregional and regional entities to have established and supported a national/subregional/ regional monitoring system for DLDD.  
CONS‑O‑9 Number of ACPs, subregional and regional entities reporting to the Convention along revised reporting guidelines on the basis of agreed indicators  
CONS‑O‑10 Number of revised NAPs/SRAPs/RAPs reflecting knowledge of DLDD drivers and their interactions, and of the interaction of DLDD with climate change and biodiversity  
3.5 CONS‑O‑11 Type, number and users of DLDD-relevant knowledge-sharing systems at the global, regional, subregional and national levels described on the Convention website  
3.6 CONS‑O‑12 Number of science and technology networks, institutions or scientists engaged in research mandated by the COP  
OO4 4.1
CONS‑O‑13 Number of countries, subregional and regional reporting entities engaged in building capacity to combat DLDD on the basis of National Capacity Self-Assessment or other methodologies and instruments.  
OO5 5.1 CONS‑O‑14 Number of ACPs, subregional and regional entities whose investment frameworks, established within the IFS devised by the GM or within other integrated financing strategies, reflect leveraging national, bilateral and multilateral resources for combating desertification and land degradation  
5.2 CONS‑O‑15 Amount of financial resources made available by developed country Parties to combat DLDD  
CONS‑O‑16 Degree of adequacy, timeliness and predictability of financial resources made available by DCPs to combat DLDD  
5.3 CONS‑O‑17 Number of DLDD-related project proposals successfully submitted for financing to international financial institutions, facilities and funds, including the GEF  
5.5 CONS‑O‑18 Amount of financial resources and type of incentives which have enabled access to technology by ACPs  
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