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Planning and deadlines

The 2014 reporting exercise was officially launched on February 1st, 2014, through notifications to the National Focal Points. Simplified reporting requirements have been introduced, and new templates for affected and developed countries are being made available in this website, as well as other reporting tools, in the required languages.

The new reporting templates are fillable Adobe PDF files that can be compiled off-line and edited as many time as needed until the report is finalized. Once completed, reports can be submitted using the new online platform PRAIS 2, which was launched on June 1st.

On June 23, after having reviewed the progress report  on the 2014 reporting exercise, the Bureau of the CRIC decided to extend the deadline for submission of reports by Parties and other reporting entities to 31 July 2014. 

Reports submitted after that deadline will not be considered in the preliminary analysis to be prepared for the review by the CRIC.


Immediately after the deadline for submission of reports, the secretariat and the Global Mechanism will start the analysis of the information received. 


All the submitted reports will also be available through the new PRAIS-2 platform, which will include a search function and other data mining tools. This functionality will be publicly available after the deadline for reporting. 

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