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Planning and deadlines

The 2014 reporting exercise was officially launched on February 1st, 2014 and ended July 31st. Simplified reporting tools were introduced, and new templates for affected and developed country parties were made available in this website, as well as other reporting tools, in the required languages.


Immediately after the deadline for submission of reports, the Secretariat and the Global Mechanism in consultation with country parties will conduct a quality assurance of data submitted before official documentation for the CRIC will be drafted.
Reporting entities that could not meet the deadline are advised to continue submitting reports through the online platform PRAIS-2. The UNCCD Secretariat will assist with this, in order to ensure a complete reporting as possible.
Also, reporting entities who have already submitted their reports are invited to consult with RCU’s and their regional consultants to continue to work on improving the quality of submitted reports.
All the submitted reports will be made available through the new PRAIS-2 platform. Additional knowledge management tools will be made available as part of the global support programme.



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