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Capacity Building Events

The IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016
Date:01/09/2016 00:00
Location:Hawaii, USA

EcoSummit 2016 - Ecological Sustainability: Engineering Change
Date:29/08/2016 00:00
Location:Corum Convention Centre, Montpellier (France)

XII International Workshop CubaSolar 2016
Date:11/04/2016 00:00
Location:The Cuban Society for the Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources and Respect for the Environment (CUBASOLAR), convenes to the twelfth edition of the International Workshop CUBASOLAR 2016, to be held in the province of Holguin, Cuba, from 11 to 15 April 201

2nd Inter-American Congress on Climate Change
Date:14/03/2016 00:00
Location:Mexico DF, Mexico

Training Workshops on Sustainable Development
Date:07/12/2015 00:00
Location:Bellevue, United States

13th Ballast Water Management Summit
Date:21/10/2015 16:00
Location:Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Expose on Soil Exhibition
Date:13/10/2015 19:00
Location:Europian Parliament, JAN Building,  Brussels

Conference: "Organic 3.0: The Next Phase of Organic Development"
Date:09/10/2015 00:00
Location:Goesan County, South Korea

The 3rd International Congress on Plant (French)
Date:09/10/2015 00:00
Location:Marrakech, Morocco

5th Congress of Environmental Sciences
Date:07/10/2015 00:00
Location:Buenos Aires, Argentina

Agroecology, what kind of dynamics for our lands (in French)
Date:06/10/2015 00:00
Location:Loire, France

Water for Food Security: A Global Conference
Date:05/10/2015 00:00
Location:Davis, CA USA

International Scientific Conference: The role of soil in the biosphere and human life
Date:05/10/2015 00:00
Location:Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

Regional Conference on Marketing and Innovation in Organic Farming
Date:02/10/2015 00:00
Location:Goesan County, South Korea

XXIX Entre Ríos Forestry Meeting
Date:24/09/2015 00:00
Location:Entre Ríos, Argentina

International Conference On Sustainable Development (ICSD)
Date:23/09/2015 00:00
Location:New York, USA

II Jornadas Nacionales de Suelos de Ambientes Semiáridos
Date:09/09/2015 00:00
Location:Universidad Nacional de la Pampa, Argentina

V Regional Congress of Forest Conservation and Watersheds
Date:09/09/2015 00:00
Location:Río Ceballos, Córdoba, Argentina

International Permaculture Convergence 2015
Date:08/09/2015 00:00
Location:London, Essex

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