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Capacity Building Events

18th organic World Congress
Date:13/10/2014 00:00
Location:Istanbul, Turkey

International Congress "Groundwater : Challenges and Strategies"
Date:15/09/2014 00:00
Location:Marrakech, Morocco

African Green Revolution Forum
Date:01/09/2014 08:00
Location:African Union Headquarters, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

TOPS/FSN Network Knowledge Sharing Meeting: Learn, Adapt, Apply
Date:10/07/2014 00:00
Location:Renaissance Washington, DC Dupont Circle Hotel

2014 Caux Dialogue on Land and Security
Date:30/06/2014 00:00
Location:Caux, Switzerland

Conference: Ecosystems, Economy and Society: how large-scale restoration can stimulate sustainable development?
Date:29/05/2014 00:00
Location:US National Academy of Sciences in Washington DC, USA

Conference on Ecosystems, economy and society
Date:29/05/2014 00:00
Location:Washington DC, United States.

The 9th Elearning Africa conference May 2014
Date:28/05/2014 00:00
Location:Kampala, Uganda

Borlaug Summit on Wheat for Food Security
Date:25/03/2014 00:00
Location:Ciudad Obregón, Mexico

Land Transformations: Between Global Challenges and Local Realities
Date:19/03/2014 00:00
Location:Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany

Call for papers: Conference on Agricultural Investment, Gender and Land in Africa
Date:05/03/2014 00:00
Location:Cape Town, South Africa

Online learning event Gender and climate-smart agriculture
Date:18/02/2014 00:00
Location:FAO online

Online learning event Gender and climate-smart agriculture
Date:05/02/2014 00:00
Location:FAO online

Online learning event Gender and climate-smart agriculture
Date:30/01/2014 00:00
Location:FAO online

UN Organizations / Agencies and Horizon 2020: Research Interests and Partnering
Date:28/11/2013 00:00
Location:Bonn, Germany: Universitätsclub Bonn

Seed System Security Response: Awareness Raising Event
Date:22/11/2013 00:00
Location:Washington, DC, USA

Food Security and Nutrition (FSN) Network Knowledge Sharing Meeting
Date:18/11/2013 00:00
Location:Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Climate Change, Forests and the Law in Africa: Addressing Governance & Research Challenges
Date:09/11/2013 09:00
Location:St Johnas Divinity School, University of Cambridge, UK

Summit 2013: The Network of African Youths for Development
Date:27/10/2013 00:00
Location:Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

2nd Global Soil Week 2013 “Losing Ground?”
Date:27/10/2013 00:00
Location:Berlin, Germany

Third Global Green Growth Forum
Date:21/10/2013 00:00
Location:Copenhagen, Denmark

Call for Entries: German Environmental Film Tour 2014
Date:30/09/2013 00:00
Location:Brandenburg, Germany

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