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Capacity Building Events

The 2015 Global Land Forum
Date:11/05/2015 00:00
Location:Dakar, Senegal

Water Week Latinoamérica 2015
Date:23/03/2015 00:00
Location:Viña del Mar, Chile

UNCCD 3rd scientific conference
Date:09/03/2015 00:00

International Symposium on Social Sciences and Management (ISSSM 2015)
Date:03/02/2015 00:00
Location:2-4-1 Hirakawa-cho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-0093 Japan 102-0093 Tokyo Kanto Japan

Youth session at the 2014 Global Landscapes Forum
Date:06/12/2014 00:00
Location:Westin Hotel and Convention Center in Lima, Peru

Global Landscapes Forum 2014
Date:06/12/2014 00:00
Location:Lima Peru

World Biodiversity Congress,24-28th Nov,2104,colombo,Srilanka
Date:24/11/2014 00:00
Location:Colombo, Srilanka

International Expert Symposium “Coping with Droughts”
Date:19/11/2014 00:00
Location:Santiago, Chile

XXVIII Convención Anual y Expo ANEAS 2014
Date:10/11/2014 00:00
Location:Yucatán, Mexico

The Global Forum on Skills for Work and Life, UNESCO-UNEVOC
Date:14/10/2014 00:00
Location:Bonn, Germany

18th organic World Congress
Date:13/10/2014 00:00
Location:Istanbul, Turkey

UN Climate Summit 2014
Date:23/09/2014 00:00
Location:New York

International Congress "Groundwater : Challenges and Strategies"
Date:15/09/2014 00:00
Location:Marrakech, Morocco

ELD Initiative’s Summer School
Date:10/09/2014 12:00

Convergence's 7th edition of the World Forum
Date:08/09/2014 08:00
Location:Paris, France.

Integrating Water Priorities and Perspectives in the Americas
Date:03/09/2014 14:00
Location:Stockholm, Sweeden

ELD Initiative’s Summer School
Date:03/09/2014 12:00

African Green Revolution Forum
Date:01/09/2014 08:00
Location:African Union Headquarters, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

15th World Lake Conference in Perugia, Italy
Date:01/09/2014 00:00
Location:Perugia, Italy

ELD Initiative’s Summer School
Date:27/08/2014 12:00

Towards Concerted Action on Communication, Community Media and ICTs for Family Farming
Date:25/08/2014 00:00
Location:Regional virtual consultations

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