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Master Oficial en Tecnologías Avanzadas para el Desarrollo Agroforestal

The program starts in September 2014 and ends in July 2015 (school term and period of practice). The practical term should be completed before the date of return provided by the Fundación Carolina. The first semester, each student must enroll for the following subjects: innovation and new techniques in the agroforestry engineering; innovation and new techniques in agricultural development and rural development; innovation and new techniques in the management of Agroforestry processes; innovation and new techniques in information technologies; and innovation and new techniques in the agro-environmental management. The registration of the second semester will depend on the route chosen by the student. Para este programa se convoca una beca de la Fundación Carolina, la cual comprende 2.534 Euros del importe de la matrícula abierta del programa, alojamiento y manutención, 200 Euros en concepto de dinero de bolsillo, billete de ida y vuelta en clase turista a España, y seguro médico no farmacéutico.
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Food security; Forests; Drought; Water management


Universidad de Valladolid y Fundación Carolina, España


Master of Science



Application Date



3.801 EUR


10 months


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