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Master's of Science in Forest Ecology and Management (Freiburg, Germany)

The Master's of Science course “Forstwissenschaften/Forest Sciences" focuses on the sustainable use of forested landscapes. On the one hand, forests provide wood and need to be managed economically, whereas on the other hand, wildlife protection, biodiversity conservation and other ecosystem services must also be considered. Drawing on the strength and international experience of the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources, students will acquire the knowledge, methods and skills that are essential for understanding and managing forested landscapes in order to balance these different and sometimes opposing values.
The study programme aims to convey:
- an understanding and analysis of the direct and indirect  
  effects of humans on forested landscapes
- an in-depth understanding of ecological and environmental
  processes at various levels: cells, individuals, populations,
  ecosystems, landscapes and global systems
- methodological knowledge and competence to design and
  evaluate management plans and accompanying research.
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Forests; Land management


University of Freiburg, Germany


Master of Science


German; English

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2 years / 4 semesters


Website of the University of Freiburg

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