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Food Security, Nutrition and Starting Home Gardens

For many people living in the cycle of poverty, the idea of starting a kitchen garden might seem overwhelming. It could be the time investment, it might be perceived costs. It might be a lack of know-how: what to plant, how to plant, and how to care for a garden. However, the positive benefits make it worthwhile enabling community members in gardening for nutrition. Start small, think simple. The purpose of the first year's workshops and the gardens that get planted are to give the participants a win—so that they will be encouraged to plant again the following year. Even if they plant only one bed 1 meter by 4 meters, they should be able to get positive, delicious, nutritious results. This advanced Online Course prerequisites the Online Courses "Project Architecture" or "Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change 2". It approaches the following questions: What is Food Security? What is good nutrition? What garden activities show evidence of supporting them? Learn: What works, how to introduce food gardens to communities, how to conduct a baseline survey, and how to implement a 12-month family garden project. Duration: 8 weeks. Courses are offered every two months.
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Food security; Poverty reduction/Development


CSD (Center for Sustainable Development)


$150.00 for citizens of developed nations, $75.00 for citizens of developing nations


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