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Jacob Blaustein Institute for Desert Research (BIDR)

65 scientists, 60 technical and administrative staff members, and over 100 Israeli and foreign research students, constitute a balanced blend for carrying out basic and applied research related to “Desert Sciences”. Activities cover basic research in: environmental physics with applications in desert meteorology and solar energy, Water sciences and technology with applications in water resource management, wastewater treatment and bioremediation, ecology with applications in conservation biology and environmental protection, Plant and animal physiology with applications in desert agriculture, livestock, and aquaculture, Cellular and molecular biology with applications in desert biotechnologies and biodegradation of environmental pollutions and social sciences and architecture with applications in desert regional planning and human habitats.
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Prof. Boris Zaltzman, Director,


Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Sede Boqer Campus, 8499000 Israel




972 86596777

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Nothern Mediterranean

UNCCD Accredited CSO


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Research institute


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