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NGO BIOS is one of the leaders in the area of  environmental protection, sustainable agriculture and community development in the Republic of Moldova. The main objectives of the Organization’s activity are as follows: Research and Development comprising analysis of the ecological, economical and social situation in the country under different aspects for identifying the most affected zones, for finding the optimal procedures for their amelioration depending on climate, relief, soil conditions, local features and for recommending them to other areas with similar problems, Sustainable Development Activities comprising practical works for soil, water and biodiversity conservation, mobilizing the resources for poverty alleviation improvement of social and economic conditions of people, for promoting sustainable consumption patterns, developing partnerships with local and international organizations and entities and Training, Education and Awareness Building in environmental protection, sustainable agriculture and community development. The actions include development of training materials for various age groups and categories, training courses, workshops, seminars, round tables, conferences; publication of bulletins, brochures, books, leaflets, etc..
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Mr.Valentin Ciubotaru, Executive Director,,


Republica Moldova, Chisinau, MD 2009 str. Gheorghe Asachi 11/1, nr. 87


+(373 22) 862964, 796001


+(373 22) 862964, 796001

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Central and Eastern Europe

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