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Secrétariat permanent des organisations non gouvernementales (SPONG)

SPONG is a body of coordination and justifies its existence through the desire to promote the principle of coming together. It is a collective of 88 NGOs working in three main areas: information and facilitation in leading the associative movement, NGOs and Associations, and, in general, civil society organizations, discussion and coordination of its members and other organizations to favor their mobilization around interests of the associative movement, representation and role of interface between its members and the government, NGO partners and other institutions. The two main objectives are constituting a permanent discussion framework for representation and promotion for NGO members and reinforcing actions and the capacities of the NGO members through information, discussion and training.
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Mr.M. Sylvestre Tiemtoré, Coordonnateur,


01 BP 131 Ouagadougou 01, Burkina Faso



+226 50 47 35 66

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