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Turkiye Erozyonla Mucadele, Agaclandirma ve Dogal Varliklari Koruma Vakfi – Turkish, Foundation for Combating Erosion, Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats (TEMA)

The TEMA Foundation (The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats) was founded in 1992 by Hayrettin Karaca and Nihat Gökyiğit with the mission to create effective and conscious public opinion on environmental problems, specifically soil erosion, deforestation, desertification, climate change and biodiversity loss. TEMA has the following objectives: increase awareness of environmental problems; engage in capacity building for their solution, promote protection of natural habitats and ecosystem conservation of water resources and vegetative cover of the soil, sustainable use of agricultural lands and rangelands, support establishment of national policies friendly to the protection of biodiversity, sustainable use of lands and rational management of water resources, develop models for action to combat soil erosion in impoverished rural areas of Turkey and inspire the implementation of similar models in other parts of the country and establish the necessary organization and legislation with the support of volunteers in order to achieve the goal of stopping soil erosion.
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Çayır Çimen Sokak Emlak Kredi Blokları A-2 Blok Kat:2 Daire:8 34330, Levent-İstanbul Turkey


+90 212 281 11 32


+90 212 283 78 16

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Nothern Mediterranean

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