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Union of Sustainable Development - ECOVISION

The Union of Sustainable development was founded in 2001 with the purpose to introduce Sustainable Development processes; facilitate perfection of legislative basis; participate in creation of various protected areas including historical heritage, preservation of biodiversity and cultural legacy. One of the major focuses of the Union is to raise public awareness though fostering population. As per mission of the Unions fostering population first of all stipulates formation of mentality of local population for long term vision and, to reduce a possibility of manmade negative impact on nature. Another focus of the Union is to enable population to respond to ecological challenges by promoting local research-scientists and ensuring their active involvement in resolving global ecological issues such as climate change and desertification. EcoVison targets the above mentioned through best practices and lessons learned.
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Sergi Sopadze, Executive Secretary,


Tbilisi 0102, 4, General Mazniashvili St. Georgia



+(995 32) 2 55 40 20

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