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World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations

The Clubs, Centres and Associations for UNESCO are groups of volunteers of different ages and socio-professional status who become activists in the service of UNESCO’s ideals by using a community’s own experience, skills and outlook to foster peace and exchange. The activities carried out by the Clubs, Centres and Associations are varied and depend, very often, on the interests of their members and also on the financial resources and means of action available. However, while activities may vary from one Club to another, the function of a Club may be simply summed up as follows: Training, Dissemination of Information and Action. As may be dictated by its local resources, financial means and the preference of its members, each Club can select some of the following activities: lectures and debates; participation in International Days, Weeks, Years and Decades proclaimed by the UN and UNESCO; gathering, publishing and distributing of information material; and organizing cultural activities.
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