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Bambuver A. C.

Bambuver is focused on the promotion and diffusion of Bamboo; as well as its optimal use as a plant that generates environmental benefits by means of carbon capture, soil improvement and the storage of aquiferous resources, besides the protection of river margins. The main actions taken by Bambuver A.C. to achieve these objectives are the diffusion and promotion of the knowledge about the cultivation techniques, rational use of Bamboo in construction and in the industry. To achive this, about 200 hectares have been established, seminars, workshops and courses have been offered to train more than 1000 individuals and community groups; with these actions 500 hectares more have been established. Three million plants equivalent to seven thousand cultivation hectares have been produced in Bambuver’s own nurseries.
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Contact Person

Rafael Guillaumin, Director General


Avenida 2 No. 336 Col. Centro, Huatusco, 94100 Veracruz, Mexico


+52 273 734 0445


+52 273 734 0680

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Latin America and the Carribean

UNCCD Accredited CSO


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civil association



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