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Beijing Green Angel Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2001, a revolutionary technology (BGA) to combat desertification was developed by Dr. Jian Zhang with the support of top researchers from well known universities and research institutions from China. The technology consisted in the transformation of the soil structure allowing for most types of crops to better absorb the soil nutrients retaining water for extended periods. For the last ten years, many poor farmers have benefited from this technique, it has been estimated that 150,000 people has been assisted by the use of this technique. Moreover, the use of the technique has also meant that farmers needed to use less fertilizer and less pesticides.

Contact Person

Jian Zhang, President & General Manager, Technology Inventor


Beiqijia Vlg. Gvt. East Rd., Changping Distr., Beijing, P.R.China




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UNCCD Accredited CSO


Type of Organization

Private Sector High-Tech Agriculture Enterpris



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