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Centre d’actions et de réalisations internationales (CARI)

CARI works to increase the acting power of local producers by promoting local farming. Its actions are inspired by traditional local practices and aim to improve them and their surrounding networks. These actions focus especially on the implementation of thrifty and autonomous techniques put forward in organic farming or agroecology. Their objectives are: food security, desertification control, local resources promotion, natural resources and nourishing terrains protection and local capacity building. CARI support agriculture projects on the ground in Mali, Morocco and Tunisia, through financial support search, contractualisation processes, implementation of steering committees, and field trainings.
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Patrice Burger, President


12 rue du Courreau, 34380 Viols le Fort / France



+33 04 67 55 61 18

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Central and Eastern Europe

UNCCD Accredited CSO


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