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Building Capacity - Using TEFL and African Languages as Development-oriented Literacy Tools

Building Capacity promotes the vision that the teaching of African languages can best achieve its aim of boosting the economic and cultural development of the Africans, if they are made to work in synergy with a revamping of the course contents of international languages that will be taught within the frame of a development-oriented literacy curriculum. Great emphasis is put on the oral skills in the use of African languages, as they are to serve as a link between the community and the school for the ultimate revitalization of the positive aspects of African cultures in a world beset by globalization. The book is supplemented with a sample of texts in the appendix intended as a bridge between formal texts taught in classrooms and literacy texts that can raise the genuine interests of the local populations. In that, they address their immediate needs. Among the possible topics language teachers are encouraged to explore in their classes are those concerning economic development, but also such issues as health, education, the environment, food security, and conflict resolution.
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training in capacity building; Education


​ISBN 9789956558087


Ngessimo Mathe Mutaka


Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon




Using TEFL and African Languages as Development-oriented Literacy Tools (PDF)

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