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Capacity Building in National Environmental Policy- A Comparative Study of 17 Countries

This book provides a systematic description and analysis of the development of national environmental policies in seventeen countries in terms of capacity building. It covers a broad spectrum of different types of countries, ranging from advanced industrial, newly industrializing and transition countries to developing countries, representing all continents. This allows the reader to draw conclusions about the chances of an effective global environmental policy, the interrelationship between economic and environmental development as well as the importance of globalization, new forms of governance, and democratization for sustainable development. The editors deliver a broad cross-national survey covering altogether thirty countries and focussing on the diffusion of environmental innovations, the globalization of environmental policy, and the worldwide convergence of basic environmental policy patterns.
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training in capacity building; Education


​ISBN-10: 3540431586, ISBN-13: 9783540431589


Helmut Weidner, Martin Jänicke et al.






Capacity Building in National Environmental Policy (Amazon)

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