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Capacity Building Modules in Nigerian Forest Services: Basics, concepts and methods

Capacity building is the array of instruments deployed to equip institutions with skills which allow them to fulfill the goals set for them. It is central to sustainable development.On the other hand, capacity is the ability to do something. The forest service reliance on well-trained and oriented personnel is therefore no exception. Inadequate institutional capacity has mostly impeded the establishment of sustainable forest development programmes, and forest administrations cannot therefore cope with all their responsibilities. The history of effective forestry projects and their implementation has been chequered. The principal objective of the book is to evaluate existing capacities of state forest services, their inherent deficiences and promising determinants for rejuvenation and improved productivity on a sustainable basis. The book should be especially useful to forest managers, Policy makers and other stakeholders to evolve a proper framework for an effective sustainable management of our forest resources.
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