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The Least Developed Countries Report 2012: Harnessing Remittances and Diaspora Knowledge to Build Productive Capacities

The least developed countries (LDCs) are a group of countries classified by the United Nations as least developed in terms of their low gross domestic product per capita, weak human assets and high degree of economic vulnerability. The Least Developed Countries Report 2012 addresses the issues of remittance flows to LDCs and the potential role of diasporas in LDCs’ development. It argues that with the right policies and international support, LDCs could enhance the benefits from remittances and the knowledge and know-how accumulated in their diasporas. Using evidence and policy lessons from other countries, the report shows how LDCs could better harness remittances and diaspora knowledge to build their productive capacities.
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UN Symbol: UNCTAD/LDC/2012

ISBN: 978-92-1-112861-1

eISBN: 978-92-1-055919-5

ISSN: 0257-7550


United Nations Conference on Trade and Development


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