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Capacity Building of the farmers- Special reference to a developing country

The study focused at examining the capacity building of the farmers with a special reference to minor crops producers in Bangladesh. The results show that both vegetable and rice producers in the project area experienced a significant increase in profitability compared to farmers outside the project area. The study identified that the components of capacity building play a significant role in increasing technical efficiency. Additionally, inefficiency can be reduced significantly and actual return can be obtained up to maximum level by increasing different capitals of capacity building. Moreover, the study found that majority of the marginal and small farmers are well ahead in improving physical and technical skills at a high level than the medium farmers and therefore, they act as partners in this stage of capacity building. In addition, the farmers with low physical, technical, and communication skills, and the farmers who built up these skills at later life stages, are far behind in achieving maximum obtainable return.
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training in capacity building; Poverty Reduction


​ISBN-10: 3846509108, ISBN-13: 9783846509104


M. Kamruzzaman, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman


Lap Lambert Academic Publishing




Capacity Building of the farmers (Amazon)

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