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Global and EU Governance for Sustainable Forest Management - with a case study on capacity building in Southern Sudan -

The purpose of writing this book was to produce information on and practical recommendations for informed decision-making on and capacity building for sustainable forest management (SFM) and good forest governance. This was done within the overall global framework for sustainable development with special emphasis on the EU-Africa relations and on Southern Sudan in particular. The case study on Southern Sudan focuses on local, national and regional issues encompassing interviews and group discussions with local community members and government officials in Renk County in Upper Nile State. As a whole, this book attempted to link the roles of global, regional, national and local levels with the forest-sector development. In this, an emphasis has been put on the analysis of international policy development in environmental and forestry issues, and its impact on the progress towards SFM and good forest governance, for the specific case of Southern Sudan.
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ISBN-10: 363933857X, ISBN-13: 9783639338577​


Roope Husgafvel 


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Global and EU governance for sustainable forest management (Amazon)

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