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AGRHYMET: A drought monitoring and capacity building centre in the West Africa Region

The Agrhymet Regional Centre is a specialized  institution for the Permanent Interstates Committee for drought control in West Africa. It has undertaken and implemented various initiatives for food security and environmental issues, including climate change, on behalf of the ECOWAS.
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The centre is responsible for training personnel, providing adequate equipment for meteorological and hydrological stations networks, and set up regional and national multidisciplinary working units to monitor the hydrological, meteorological, crops and pastures conditions during the rainy season.
So far, the centre has been successful in training 1200 new experts in agrometeorology, hydrology, equipment maintenance, and plant protection, and more than 6000 professionals on topics related to food security, climate change, and sustainable natural resources management.


Traore et al.


Weather and Climate Extremes




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