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Short Course: Spate Irrigation and Water Management under Drought and Water Scarcity
UNESCO-IHE (Institute for Water Education), Netherlands
Spate irrigation is an ancient form of water harvesting and managing unpredictable and sometimes destructive flash floods for crop and livestock production. The system is unique to semi arid and arid areas where it has existed for over 70 centuries. Today spate irrigation is still the major source of livelihood for many poor communities in South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, whereas the area under spate irrigation is on the increase in the Horn of Africa and other parts of Sub-Saharan Africa.
Topic: Drought; Water

Short Course: Managing Water Organizations
UNESCO-IHE, Netherlands
This short courses prepares participants for positions of leadership in water sector and utility management, providing the essential elements within the field of organisational and change management. It considers managerial and change management aspects of organisations in transition and will give a practical insight into concepts, tools and systems.
Topic: training in capacity building; Water

Regional workshops on National Drought Management Policies
The UNCCD, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in cooperation with the UN-Water Decade Programme on Capacity Development (UNW-DPC), jointly launched on 12 March, 2013 a project on capacity-building to support national drought management policies. Part of this project is a series of regional workshops in several drought-prone regions of the world throughout 2013 and 2014 and a final wrap-up conference in late 2014.
Topic: Water; Drought

Learning kit about desertification
Coping with Desertification Project (CODEP)
The kit is an illustrated compilation of information relevant to major factors leading to desertification.
Topic: Climate Change; Education; Drought

Small-scale Postharvest Handling Technologies Short Course/Study Tour
The Postharvest Education Foundation
Short course from Udayana University Bali, with topics and activities including many practices and management approaches for reducing food losses experienced by small-scale farmers, value chain actors, agri-business marketers.  
Topic: Food

Climate change adaptation in agriculture and natural resource management (Fellowship opportunity)
Centre for Development Innovation, Wageningen UR
Going beyond the science of climate change adaptation, the focus of this course is the translation of the policy documents and research into climate-smart adaptation strategies.
Topic: Food; Biodiversity; Drought; Climate Change; Poverty Reduction

The "Fighting Shoulder to Shoulder with The Poor" Program
Richmond Vale Academy
This 18-month program of Fighting shoulder to shoulder with The Poor will allow its participants to look at the problems and the big issues of our present time right in the eye, understanding the forces and politics at play, acknowledging the real consequences of poverty on a global scale.

Integrated seed sector development
Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation
In this course participants can broaden their international experience and strengthen their competencies to support seed sector development and by taking an integrated perspective.

Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Course
Warmonderhof Opleiding Groenhorst College
Situated at the Warmonderhof - one of largest biodynamic farming and gardening businesses in the Netherlands, this four year course conveys to students both the practical and theoretical aspects of biodynamic farming and gardening.
Topic: Agriculture; Biodiversity; Food; land management

Short Course Seed Production Field Diagnostic
Seed Enterprise Management Institute
The course aims to teach participants skills needed to identify and manage pests, diseases, weeds, nutrient, physiological, genetic and environmental disorders in seed production systems.
Topic: Food; land management; Capacity Building Types

Training Courses in Watershed Management
Watershed organization trust
Watershed organization trust has organized three courses in January, February and March 2015, in subjects of watershed management. All information is accessible through the links below.
Topic: Drought; Climate Change; Sustainability; Water; sustainability

Executive Summer School (ESS) on Global Environmental Policy
University of Geneva
Executive Summer School (ESS) is a broad training programme that aims to bridge the common gap between scientific knowledge and professional expertise related to core environmental themes.
Topic: environment; Sustainability; ecology

Oxford Adaptation Academy
Global Climate Adaptation Partnership
This comprehensive course at the University of Oxford in England explores climate change adaptation as a process linking climate science, vulnerability and decision making.
Topic: Climate Change

Summer school on "Integrated Land Use Systems"
University of Freiburg
The Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources of the University of Freiburg, Germany is organizing a summer school on "Integrated Land Use Systems".
Topic: land management; environment; ecology

The European Organic Leadership Course
In this training course participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of the organic sector and develop their organizational and communication skills to enhance their ability to drive and support the organic agriculture sector.
Topic: Food; Agriculture; Sustainability; environment

Website Development and Management course
Institute for Capacity Development (ICD)
This course offered by Institute for Capacity Development (ICD) aims at providing the necessary skills to participants on how to use search engine optimization terms and internet mark-up language to improve website efficiency, basic web design pages, and knowledge of emerging technologies
Topic: training in capacity building; institutional capacity building

Environmental Monitoring in the Energy Sector course
Institute for Capacity Development (ICD)
In this online course offered by the Institute for Capacity Development (ICD), participants will learn how to evaluate suitable technologies for the remediation of different types of contaminated land, ensuring that degraded land is returned to the best possible condition for use after excavation is completed. Additionally, students will also learn to plan formal environmental impact assessment and manage hazardous and radioactive wastes.
Topic: environment

Planning and Management of Energy Resources
Institute for Capacity Development (ICD)
This course offered by the Institute for Capacity Development (ICD), based in in Windhoek, Namibia, teaches students institutional management principles in relation to energy provision.
Topic: environment

Research Methods and Survey Methodology and Data Management
The Institute for Capacity Development (ICD)
This course offered by the Institute for Capacity Development (ICD), a sustainable development education institute, teaches students policy design methodologies, such as data collection, data cleaning and mining, extrapolation and interpolation, Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) software for data analysis, and survey error and measurement.
Topic: research on capacity building

Climate Change Adaptation in Development
Institute for Capacity Development (ICD)
This course offered by the Institute for Capacity Development (ICD) teaches the links between management principles and climate change mitigation for sustainable development.
Topic: Climate Change

Managing risk in the face of climate change course 2016 (fellowship opportunity)
Centre for Development Innovation 
This course will explore trends in disaster risk, the related factors contributing to the complexity of the planning environment, and the uncertainty of climate change.
Topic: Climate Change

Contemporary approaches to genetic resources conservation and use
Centre for Development Innovation
This course is devoted to analysing plant genetic resources policies and their impact on conservation and use. It aims to support policymakers and other stakeholders in the implementation of International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (IT-PGRFA) in their own national context.
Topic: conservation

Agriculture in transition course 2016 (fellowship opportunity)
Centre for Development Innovation
This course offers a system perspective on agriculture as well as skills to design innovative and sustainable farming options.
Topic: Agriculture

Media design for social change course 2016 (fellowship opportunity)
Centre for Development Innovation
This course teachs how to become a competent and inspiring partner in commissioning and monitoring media production, providing a new look on how to use graphics, text and visuals in media for social change.
Topic: development

Integrated seed sector development course 2016 (fellowship opportunity)
Centre for Development Innovation
In this course participants can broaden their international experience and strengthen their competencies to support seed sector development, taking an integrated perspective.
Topic: development

Integrated pest management and food safety course 2016 (fellowship opportunity)
Centre for Development Innovation
This course aims at creating mechanisms that will support integrated pest management though looking at pesticides-related policies, the role of the various stakeholders and innovative (technical) solutions.
Topic: Food

Monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment of food and nutrition security programmes course 2016
Centre for Development Innovation
In this course participants will learn what a monitoring evaluation system for food and nutrition security entails. Emphasis will be placed on what steps are needed within the system to facilitate impact assessment.
Topic: Food

The Institute for Capacity Development (ICD) Short Courses
Institute for Capacity Development (ICD)
The Institute for Capacity Development (ICD) has announced various capacity building training workshops/courses to be held in months of June - July 2015 in South Africa and Namibia.
Topic: Climate Change; environment; Education

Project Management Monitoring & Evaluation Training Workshop
Capacity Africa Training Institute
This course is designed to help participants to understand key aspects of project design, planning, implementation, administration, monitoring and evaluation, and to understand ways to design, implement, monitor and evaluate projects.
Topic: Education

Sustainable Forest Management. Introduction to Sustainable Forest Management System (in Spanish)
Argentinian Institute for Standarization and Certification (IRAM)
This course introduces participants to the Argentinian Institute for Standarization and Certification (IRAM) 39800 Series, a standard to sustainable forest management, and its interlinkages with environmental quality and social responsibilities. Length: two days, 8 hours / day.
Topic: Forests

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