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​Module 1 | Intro


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E-learning course 1: The role of the NFP

Course introduction

Background to the course

The National Focal Points (NFPs) are the first and main point of contact for the Parties as regards the entire UNCCD process. Indeed they are called upon to be the key interface between the Parties and virtually all institutions that are directly or indirectly related/ concerned with this process. They have a crucial role to play in supporting and facilitating the implementation at the national level, and in working with other countries of their regions and sub-regions to promote implementation at those levels.  And, they are quite often required to function in different capacities in their roles as NFPs, be this as negotiators, members of the Bureaux of the different bodies of the COP and its subsidiary bodies, chair of a subsidiary body, or take on some other responsibility at the regional or international level. It is therefore crucial that the NFPs are capacitated to effectively carry out these tasks which require a multiplicity of skills, without which, it would be rather challenging to be an effective NFP.
The Secretariat is called upon to facilitate targeted capacity building to enhance the implementation of the Convention. Bearing in mind the centrality of the role of the NFP as outlined above; that most undergo no training to prepare them for this role; and the fact that they are quite often replaced after a two or three year period, there is an evident need to provide an avenue where NFPs can have the possibility to gain information and develop some basic skills that will help increase their knowledge and competence to perform their tasks in an efficient manner.  

Objective of the course

This e-learning course is aimed at helping to capacitate NFPs through giving them the opportunity to better understand what their functions are; and to develop the necessary skills to carry out the same.
This course is not comprehensive. It rather a general course after the taking of which, participants will have the basic yet fundamental knowledge an NFP should possess. It shall focus on providing the NFP with information they can use in becoming more effective at the national, regional and international levels, thereby making them conversant with the UNCCD process at all levels.  

Course practicalities

Completing the course

To complete the course you will need to study the materials in every section, and complete a quiz for every section. Once you pass the quiz, you can enter your name and email address to send your results to the UNCCD Capacity Building Marketplace.
At the end of the course you will be asked to submit a course paper, which you can send to the UNCCD Capacity Building Marketplace by email. Only after submitting the quiz for every section and the course paper will your results be reviewed.

Course setup

Participants will receive a certificate on successful completion of the course, with the top 10% of participants  receiving an award of excellence.
The course shall be structured in several parts. On completion of one part, participants will still be able to access the materials. All participants will be able to participate in the course at their own schedule.
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