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Capacity Building Marketplace 

Support Tools and Resources

This page offers access to tools, key knowledge and expertise to support the efficacious implementation of the UNCCD.
The Marketplace provides deep knowledge and tools on the relevant UNCCD's procedures and processes to the general public, country parties, the national focal points and Civil Society Organizations:
The Capacity Building Marketplace has developed free and specialized online courses related to the UNCCD, its processes and its key institutions. Successful participants will be rewarded with a certificate from the UNCCD secretariat.

​For a full overview of the courses prepared by the Marketplace visit:


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The Marketplace compiles key organizations advancing the mitigation of desertification, land degradation and drought (DLDD) and specialists of sustainable land management and development.
  • Profiles of Professionals Find specialists in our database to address your specific challenges or register yourself.
  • Organizations Our list comprises established, innovative and reputable organizations combating desertification on regional, sub-regional and international levels​
Advances in capacity building are made every day. In the Publications section you will find new and innovative examples of capacity building connected to combating DLDD, next to well established examples.
Each day exiting events on sustainable land management and development are taking place. Visit events near you!
  • Events on capacity building
How much do you know about the UNCCD and capacity building?

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