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The UNCCD Capacity Building Marketplace brings together supply and demand related to capacity building to the efficacious implementation of the UNCCD. You can contribute to this by adding your information to the Marketplace.

Professionals and consultants​


​Do you have skills and knowledge and are you available to work on a project for an organization that supports the UNCCD? You can add your profile here:

Students, interns, volunteers​

​Are you looking for an internship, study opportunity or looking to do volunteer work? You can add your profile to the Marketplace so organizations looking for support can find you here.

Vacancies and opportunities

Are you looking for support? Do you need a volunteer, a consultant or a professional to join your organization?

Resources​ and Knowledge 





​Share your knowledge by uploading information regarding resources offered to the Marketplace. We provide listings for university and other courses, E-learning opportunities and webinars, events, grant opportunities and much more.


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