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​The world of capacity building for the UNCCD implementation is multifaceted, forcing the secretariat to work in many different ways to try and meet the numerous and emerging needs. It involves various actions, from the sharing of relevant knowledge and the promotion of fellowships, through to promoting knowledge management and supporting networking of all stakeholders, including country Parties, international agencies and the civil society organization community. Special emphasis is placed on building and strengthening partnerships with programmes and institutions that have proven ability to contribute to the creation and development of capacity needed for an efficient implementation process.

On this website we offer a Marketplace, with a wealth of resources and opportunities. If you cannot find what you are looking for contact us and we can help you.  

Additionally you can use the discussion forums to share your thoughts and ideas.

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Tell us, are you willing to volunteer your services, provide scientific expertise (gratis or paid), provide consultancy (gratis or paid), be a partner organization, provide training in a particular field, offer technological assistance, or something else?
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