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Patricia Negreros-Castillo

- My professional goal is to develop strategies for forest management that will improve the quality of life of people and mantain the environment for future generations. To achieve that goal I conduct research and work with individuals and organizations that support my goal. Since 1986, I have conducted research on the silviculture of forests managed by rural communities in Mexico and Guatemala. Working for the Mexican government as the Forestry Research Director in the Yucatan peninsula from 1991 to 1994, I supervised a team of 20 forestry researchers that worked at three research stations. I was also directly involved in the development and implementation of the Mexico-ICRAF agroforestry program. I have been a consultant for ICRAF, CIFOR, Smart Wood, and Programme for Belize. I have collaborated with a number of national and international research and donating institutions (ICRAF, CIFOR, CATIE, INIFAP, IUFRO, Purdue University, Iowa State University, Rockefeller, WWF, International American Foundation, International University of Florida). Since 2005, I have worked at the Universidad Veracruzana, involved in diverse community forestry projects in the three Mexican states of Quintana Roo, Veracruz and Tlaxcala, collaborating with several local organizations and research groups. 30 refereed publications (1985-2013). SKILLS Leadership - Current director of a university forestry research Institute in Xalapa, Ver. - Coordination of research network in Mexico Environment and Sustainability, supported by CONACYT. 150 members at national level. - Conducting, in collaboration with many individuals and institutions, community forestry and agroforestry research using participatory approach since 1985 - Supervised around 20 students (USA and Mexican) research work while working at Iowa State University Team work - Involved in the integration of an interdisciplinary research group to carry out forestry community projects in three locations in Mexico (currently) - Consultant for the Mexican international affairs office, to evaluate the tropical fruit situation in San Kitts and Nevis (2007) - Regional evaluation of forest certification criteria for the Maya Forest. Team from Belize, Guatemala and Mexico. Belmopan Belize. 2000. Tropical Rural Latinoamericana (TRL) - Evaluation of forest certification criteria for the Maya Forest in Mexico. 2000. (TRL). Ability to work independently - Consultant for SmartWood to conduct pre-evaluations of forest certification in three communities in Oaxaca, Mexico. October 2003. - Worked in a new forestry program during six month sabbatical at FAO. 2002. - Peer review of 15 Forest Certification Reports, finished on time. 2001-2007. - Consultant for ICRAF to conduct research on multipurpose trees prioritization, and secondary vegetation composition and its potential for agroforestry (6 months). 1995. - Various short assignments for CIFOR. 2000 and 2003 - Consultant for SmartWood to conduct annual evaluation of two certified forests in Durango, and Chihuahua (2000). Organization - International congress on sustainable resource management success cases. 2005 - Mahogany workshop. Chetumal, Mexico. Collaborator. Principal organizer CIFOR 2003 - Meeting/workshop, Integration of a Tropical Forest Research Team to Support Community Forestry in the Maya Region. Mexico. 2003. Principal. Communication - More than 25 field days and demonstrations on research results and forest tropical management (2003-2007) - Short tropical ecology course in Mexico for American students (1998-2001) - Training on nursery practices in Belize 1996 - 25 community members trained as research assistants during research project development since (2003-2007) - 21 refereed publications (2000-2009) - 15 papers presented in professional meetings (2000-2010) Computer expertise - Word processor, Excel, Power point, PhotoShop .
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Experience in tropical silviculture and community forestry


Forests; Ecology; Land management

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Consultancy; Consultancy to Parties; Fellowship; Internship; Volunteer

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