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German Kust, Professor

NAME: Kust German CITIZENSHIP and COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE: Russian Federation PROFESSIONAL INTERESTS: sustainable management of natural resources, environmental and land management, environmental education, environmental and agricultural ecology, soil science, biodiversity conservation, environmental services, landscape science, geography, geo-botany, agronomy, remote sensing data processing and application, GIS technologies. General scientific interests can be determined as: “Evolution, development and functioning of biological and quazi-biological systems”, “Soil and Land resources”. About 200 publications in the field of soil science, landscape science, environmental conservation, organisation of ecological education. Participant of more than 60 scientific symposiums, conferences, congresses, including more than 30 international. The participant, responsible executor and leader of more than 70 scientific projects and grants, including more than 30 financed by international and foreign organisations and funds. Consultant and expert of international organizations, such as World Bank, UNDP, UNEP, Unesco, UNCCD, et al. Recent experience in international programmes and projects (consultant, expert, leader, excecutor). 2012-2014. Expert. UNCCD: Advisory group of technical experts (AGTE), International working group on Rio+20 ollow-up, Russian national scientific тв technical correspondent 2014. G8 food security working group. 2013. Evaluator. UNEP-GEF global project Conservation and Sustainable Management of Below- Ground Biodiversity 2012. International consultant. Preparation of the UNDP-GEF project “Mainstreaming Sustainable Land and Forest Management in Dry Mountain Landscapes of Armenia” 2012. Evaluator of the UNDP-GEF project in Armenia “Developing Institutional and Legal Capacity to Optimise Information and Monitoring System for Global Environmental Management” 2011 – current time. Expert Council member. Eurasian Centre for Food Security. Moscow, Russian Federation 2007 – c.time - Environmental specialist (member of the WB team missions) for the World Bank/GEF projects in Tajikistan? Kyrgizstan and Moldova (Community agriculture and watershed management project, Land registration and cadastre system for sustainable agriculture, Uplands Livelihood and Environmental Management Project, Agricultural competitiveness, Environmental Land Management and Rural Livelihoodsб Pasture Management Progect) 2010 – Consultant (preparation of Social and Environmental Assessment Report) – WB-MIGA project “Grain Production Project in Penza region” (Russian Federation) 2008 – Consultant (soil resources specialist) for WWF project on the preparation of the Russian Federation country report to IBRD 2003 – 2008 – Expert, Roster of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel of GEF (Global Environmental Facility 2004 – 2005 – Member, Advisory Committee for Biosphere Reserves, M&B Programme, UNESCO. EDUCATION 1996. The Doctor of Biology degree. Thesis “Desertification and soil evolution in dry areas”. Moscow Lomonosov State university. 1988. The Ph.D. Thesis “Soil alkalinity phenomenon and its diagnostics” Moscow university. 1984. Soil Science faculty of Moscow Lomonosov State university (speciality - soil science and agrochemistry – Master degree) Main recent projects in mother country: Develop proposals to improve the legal framework for soil protection and conservation, and for managerial ,organizational and financial mechanisms for the protection of soil degradation and desertification; Sustainable land management in southern regions of Russian Federation, resources and its role in biosphere and geosphere systems; Soil and ecological aspects of soya growing in the southern Russia; Field and remote methods of desertification assessment; Fundamental approaches for the management of biological resources; Theoretical and mapping modelling of soil cover and landscape changes of Russian South during Holocene period; Desertification / soil degradation map of Russia. Working experience in the country of residence. 2012 – current time. Institute of Ecological Soil Science of Moscow Lomonosov State university, Head of the laboratory of soil resources and ecological projecting. 1996 – 2012 - Deputy (later Executive) director of Institute of Ecological Soil Science of Moscow Lomonosov State university, Head of the laboratory of soil resources and ecological projecting. 1996 - current time. Professor. Chair of Soil Geography (before 2005 – Chair of General Soil Science), Soil Science faculty of Moscow University. I give courses of lections “Soil evolution”, “Environmental doctrine”, “Remote sensing application in environmental sciences”, Global mechanism of environmental and natural resources management”, “Methodology of soil systematics”, “Theory and practice of landscape designing”, “GIS technologies in environmental sciences”, and others. Guide student’s, Ph.D student’s and postdoc’s researches 2002 – head of the department of geoinformatics, Research & Development Center ScanEx, Moscow. 1998 – 2001 – General Consultant of GEF Project “Biodiversity conservation” in Russia. 1992 – 1999. General director of the private company for landscape design (EcoPochva+ Ltd., Moscow). One of the initiators both organisers the Institute of Soil Science MSU-RAS (1996), Department of landscape designing of the Ecological centre “Ecosoil” (1997), Ecological Travelling Centre (1998), Scientific and educational Centre “Upsilon” (2005). Visited countries with field work experience: in Europe: Finland, Ukraine, Moldova, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece; in North America: USA, Mexico; in South America: Brazil; in Africa: South Africa, Kenya; in Asia: China, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates Awards and prizes 2011. World Bank. VPU Team Award. 2010. World Bank. Europe and Central Asia region. “Improving the Lives of People in ECA 2010” Competition. 2004. China. Urumсhi. International Centre for Desert Affairs. Academic Committee member. 1998. Russian Federation. Moscow Lomonosov State University. Shuvalov’s Award.
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Researcher (environmental and soil science), Consultant and expert (World Bank, UNDP, UNEP, GEF, UNCCD)


Agriculture; Biodiversity; Climate change; Ecology; Forests; Land degradation and restoration; Land management; Soil science; Stakeholder involvement/Negotiations

Available for:

Consultancy; Consultancy to Parties; Consultancy to support reporting process; Jobs; Fellowship

Contact details:
+7 926 6206640





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