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Geetha.PN, Research Scholar (marine and estuarine benthic taxonomy and ecology)

Sorting and identification of benthic samples, preservation.
Taxonomic and systematic work on soft-bottom fauna (Meio and macro benthos).
Identification of polychaetes up to species level.
Microscopy of invertebrate (identification of polychaetes chaetae and mouthparts).
Working knowledge of histology (permanent slide preparation), microscopy and photography.
Identification of soft corals up to species level.
Preparation of coral spicules and drawings.
Water and sediment quality analysis.
Softwares-SPSS and PIMER Analysis.
Junior Research fellow in “Current Status on the Biotic Potential in Relation to Environmental Quality of the Cochin Estuary-India", under the Directorate of Environment and Climate change, Govt. of Kerala, India.
Working as a project leader in the above project- Documentation and preparation of project report for three years.  Analysis of project datas with the help of SPSS and PRIMER. Compilation of the final project report.
Project management- accounting and bill submission.
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Research Scholar-Marine benthic ecology and taxonomy


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Internship; Fellowship; Volunteer; Consultancy; Consultancy to Parties; Consultancy to support reporting process

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