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Tayyab Shahzad; Sustainable Land Management Expert

Experience/Work history: 1. Designation: Coordinator Landuse Planning with additional charge of Monitoring Specialist Organisation: Sustainable Land Management Project Organisation Type: Project implemented by Climate Change Division, Government of Pakistan (GoP) and funded by GoP, UNDP & Global Environment Facility Location: House #7, Street 62, G-6/4, Islamabad, Pakistan; Tel: +92-51-2602467, 2602468, Fax: +92-51-2602469 Tenure: Jan. 2009 to date Description - Took a lead role in collection of base line information and coordination with government departments, private sector and NGOs; Assisted Provincial Project Coordinators (PPCs) in conducting participatory resource appraisal for the pilot project sites; - Identified Sustainable Land Management (SLM), Natural Resource Management (NRM); livelihood and poverty reduction related projects involving community participation, finalized the selection of pilot projects/demonstration sites for SLM interventions based on site selection criteria; - Provided grants and monitoring the work of NGOs and Government departments for SLM, NRM, livelihood and poverty reduction related projects. Physical and financial progress reports and budget utilization were analysed; - Established networks of stakeholder organizations; Assisted in resource mobilization for the project and developing public private partnerships; - Assisted in collection of data on the extent of land degradation and desertification in the country; - Prepared and analyzed land use plans for SLM and institutional framework for its implementation, coordinating with Provincial Project Coordinators (PPCs) in site specific land use planning including collection, analysis and processing of information; - Prepared a project proposal on Glacier Lake Outburst Floods, this was funded by the international donors and being implemented by the Climate Change Division; prepared Readiness Preparedness Proposal (RPP) for REDD+ in Pakistan and submitted to the World Bank for funding; - Assisted in designing training manuals and material for trainers and training participants. Conducted trainings on landuse planning and other topics related to SLM, NRM, livelihood and poverty reduction. Did knowledge management of best practices and success stories of community interventions on SLM, NRM, livelihood and poverty reduction; - Assisted in preparing a position paper for Pakistan on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+), gap analysis and review of National Action Program to Combat Desertification and Sectoral policies; - Provided quarterly updates on progress on implementation of landuse planning component of the project; - Assisted in designing of Up-scaling programme of the project and in preparation of presentations, talking points, speeches, papers etc; - Monitored and assessed activities of SLMP 2. Designation: Director (Water & Sanitation) Organisation: Faderal Water & Sanitation Project Organisation Type: Project implemented by Ministry of Environment & funded by UNICEF Location: Ministry of Environment, LG&RD Building, G-5/2, Islamabad, Pakistan Tenure: Mar-2008 To 15 Jan 2009 Description: - Led & supervised the program & carried out administrative & technical procedures; - Provided and monitored grant to NGOs for projects related to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene promotion involving community participation; Monitored work done, analyzed physical and financial progress reports and budget utilization to ensure quality of work. Identified technical & financial problems & suggested solutions. - Coordinated with Knowledge Management Network WESNET in its activities with the Ministry; - Mobilized resources from organizations like Government and donors (World Bank, UN agencies, international NGOs like WaterAid and national NGOs). Coordinated with UNICEF, World Bank and other agencies in their activities related to water and sanitation. Maintained liaison with program partners; - Prepared ToRs for consultants, selected consultants, coordinated and supervised their work. Monitored and evaluated their reports and suggested guidelines for giving quality outputs; - Identified best practices and success stories of community interventions on drinking water and sanitation related interventions and prepared the reports after their analysis; - Coordinated formulation of policies, strategies, plans & legislative framework related to water & sanitation sectors; National Drinking Water Policy was prepared; - Developed work / action plan, financial plan for implementation of the same in collaboration with stakeholders; - Organized meetings of committees & followed up on decisions made therein; - Developed, provided grants to NGOs & coordinated implementation of projects related to Community Led Total Sanitation etc; - Organized related workshops; - Provided support to Ministry of Environment in related issues. Assisted National Project Director for smooth functioning of project and in procurement of services for project implementation; - Coordinated with concerned provincial departments including Environmental Protection Agencies in implementation of project activities; - Coordinated in conducting feasibility studies for preparation of Pakistan Domestic Biogas Programme that is being implemented by Rural Support Programme Network and funded by Netherland government. - Prepared physical and financial progress reports and reported budget utilization to the UNICEF. 3. Designation: Sub-Program Manager (Grassroots Initiatives, Energy Conservation and Renewables) Organization: Ministry of Environment, Government of Pakistan/United Nations Development Program (National Environmental Action Plan-Support Program) Location: LG & RD Building, G-5/2, Islamabad, Pakistan Tel: +92-51-9245528 Tenure: September 2003 to November 2007 Description: - Led & supervised sub-programs, carried out administrative & technical procedures; - Identified, coordinated planning, designed, wrote, organized & monitored implementation of projects related to livelihoods, food security and natural resource management; - Received project proposals from NGOs/RSPs, analyzed these proposals & got these approved from different forums & provided funds to selected ones; - Provided grants to eleven local NGOs all over Pakistan for projects related to livelihoods, food security, poverty reduction and natural resource management by involving participation of local communities. - Coordinated implementation of two public private partnership projects, one in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the other in Sindh province. - Monitored work done by NGOs/RSPs. Analyzed their physical and financial progress reports and budget utilization to insure quality of work. Identified technical & financial problems & suggested solutions. Coordinated with relevant parties in monitoring progress of activities planned under thematic program and organized meetings of different committees; - Analyzed institutional framework, did training need assessment and planned and implemented capacity building activities for institutional development including knowledge management; - Coordinated workshops on sustainable rural development and poverty-environmental nexus and international agreements/protocols like Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) related topics; - Established and maintained linkage with Donors & other project stakeholders including Government agencies, NGOs and RSPs for resource mobilization; - Prepared ToRs for consultants, coordinated monitoring and evaluation missions. Coordinated and supervised the technical activities of experts/consultants conducting technical studies related to sustainable rural development, poverty reduction, NRM and environment and did their evaluations. Followed up recommendations of the studies; - Provided inputs to Ministry of Environment on different technical aspects including policy and strategies formulation (Environment, drinking water, sanitation, energy conservation policies and Renewable energy strategy paper for Pakistan), environment section of MDGs, Poverty Reduction Strategy paper & gender related issues; - Prepared & updated workplans, financial plans, physical progress /financial reports and budgets on a regular basis in close coordination with stakeholders; - Maintained the record of financial transactions made under the thematic program; - Reported best practices & lessons learnt by different organizations in the fields of environment, poverty reduction and sustainable development; - Coordinated with concerned provincial departments including Environmental Protection Agencies in implementation of project activities. 4. Designation: Program Officer (Environment and Natural Resource Management) Organisation: National Rural Support Program Organisation Type: Non Government Organization/ Rural Support Program Location: 46, Agha Khan Road, F-6/4, Islamabad, Pakistan; Tel: +92-51-2822319, 2822324 Tenure: Feb.1993 To Sep.2003 Description: - Collected base line information for livelihood and NRM related topics; - Conducted participatory resource appraisal, community needs assessment and gap analysis in NRM, livelihood, poverty reduction and energy related fields; - Prepared project proposals for generating funds; mobilized resources from national and international donor agencies, private organizations and individual entrepreneurs for projects related to NRM, food security, poverty reduction and livelihood involving community participation; - Implemented funded projects and prepared physical and financial progress reports. - Prepared participatory land use plans by involving communities, right from planning process; - Planed, designed and implemented community based programs for NRM, livelihood, poveryt reduction and food security; - Introduced Agriculture, Water, and Livestock related interventions among the poor communities; - Planned, designed and conducted capacity building/ training/knowledge management programs for community activists, staff of different NGOs and Government Departments; Designed training manuals and material for trainers and training participants; - Provided back up support to the community for utilization of trained skills; - Linked community organizations/interest groups with Government Departments, NGOs and private organizations for provision of needed inputs and services; - Established networking with partner organizations, projects and programmes; - Monitored and evaluated the implemented projects and made amendments in the projects accordingly. 5. Consultancy Title: Consultant for enabling policies for Local Area Development Initiatives to combat desertification Organisation: UNCCD Secretariat Location: UNCCD Secretariat, Germany, through Inspector General (Forests), Ministry of Environment, Islamabad, Pakistan Tenure: 2007 to 2008 Description: • Wrote a report of the assignment by identifying potential partnership to create mutually supportive collaboration to mobilize resources & access catalytic funds with specific reference to GEF Small Grants Program and other related schemes; demonstrating linkage between biophysical & socio-economic conditions in implementing Local Area Development Initiatives (LADI) in the context of UNCCD in Asia & Pacific; taking stock enabling policies and national Action Programs to combat desertification of the 16 member countries of TPN-6, gap analysis, review and analyse these for supporting LADI; suggesting a criteria for evaluating impact of enabling policy measures for supporting LADI; generating key lessons, findings & recommendations with respect to the formulation & implementation of enabling policies for LADI with focus on participation of stakeholders, promoting use of indigenous knowledge and facilitating Human Resource Development; highlighting success stories; suggesting areas for technical cooperation, exchange between stakeholders and technology transfer; highlighting specific roles which TPN-6, its host Government and others can play to promote recommendations in the study. 6. Education: M.Sc.(Hons) Agriculture, major Soil Science from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan 7. Computer skills: M.S.word, excel, power point, in-page(For Urdu typing), corel draw etc. 8. Languages: English, Urdu & Punjabi
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Experienced in SLM, NRM, Land use planning for SLM, poverty reduction & REDD+


Poverty reduction/Development; Stakeholder involvement/Negotiations; Land degradation and restoration; Land management; Funding and resource mobilization; Soil science; Agriculture

Available for:

Jobs; Consultancy; Consultancy to Parties; Consultancy to support reporting process

Contact details:

Address: Kohati Bazar, House # 0/12, Street # 2, Opposite Government Qandeel School for blind, Rawalpindi - Pakistan Tel: (+92-322-5044595, +92-51-4356970) e.mail:





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