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Mr. Dennis Fenton

Education Master of Philosophy, Environment and Development, Cambridge University, UK, 1992. The course covered topics such as development economics, the global economy, sustainable agriculture, environmental economics, watershed management, the global environment and environmental management tools. The aim was to understand the factors influencing progress in developing countries, and the natural resource constraints faced by developing countries. B.Sc. (First Class Honours), Physics, Imperial College, London University, UK, 1986. Employment Record i) Sustainable development consulting (October 2000 - present). Selected roles and achievements are: Project Design and Development (This includes facilitating consultations with stakeholders, building partnerships and consensus, managing negotiations, defining key issues and assessing the roles of key stakeholders. It typically also includes capacity development.) For example, I have developed the following projects: • Consultant – REDD+ Readiness Roadmap development, Mongolia REDD+ Roadmap (FAO, September 2013) ; • Climate Change Adaptation Specialist, Climate Proofing Development in the Pacific, Timor Leste (ADB, 2013 and ongoing); • Development of a GEF/SCCF PIFs for adaptation projects in the agriculture and irrigation sector in Uzbekistan (ADB, 2012); • International Project Design Specialist for the Government of Madagascar/UNEP in the development of four GEF Concepts (PIF) in the fields of biodiversity conservation, protected area management and land degradation (2012/2013); • International Project Design Specialist for the Government of Mongolia/FAO Project: “Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation, SFM and carbon sink enhancement into Mongolia’s productive forest landscapes” (2012 and ongoing); • International Project Design Specialist for the Proposed Government of Indonesia/UNEP/GEF/WWF RIMBA Project; • International Programme Design Specialist to support the Development of UN-REDD Phase 2, Vietnam (UN REDD, 2012, and 2010). Proposal to be funded by the Norwegian Government; • Development of the “Integrated Community-based Adaptation in the Mekong (International Project Design Leader for CARE International in Vietnam, 2012). Proposal to be funded by the Australian Government; • Development of a GEF/SCCF PIFs for adaptation projects in the hydropower sector in Kyrgyzstan (ADB, 2011-2012); • Development of a Regional Climate Change Adaptation Programme for the Lower Mekong Sub-Region (for CARE International, Autumn 2011); • Maintaining Ecosystem Services and Functions Through a Changing Climate and Increased Climate Variability in Burkina Faso – International expert to prepare a GEF/PIF (November 2010); • Climate Resilient Infrastructure Planning in the Northern Mountains of Viet Nam – International Team Leader developing the $3million GEF/SCCF/ADB/UNDP project (2009/2010); • Enhancing Resilience of Vulnerable Coastal Areas to Climate Change Risks in Liberia – International Team Leader developing the $2.9 million GEF/LDCF project (June 2009/10); • Strengthening Capacity to Address Climate Change Adaptation Concerns in the Preparation and Implementation of Development Plans, Programmes And Projects (Burkina Faso). International Team Leader for developing the $2.9 million Government of Japan/UNDP project, (April 2009 – July 2009); • Reducing Vulnerability to Climate Change in the Agriculture and Related Sectors in Burkina Faso – International Team Leader for developing the $3 million GEF/LDCF project, (October 2008 – April 2009); • Cape Verde - Adaptation to Climate Change, Developed the PIF for this GEF/LDCF project, November 2007) • African Development Bank, Team Leader for the development of a GEF Project Portfolio (as a member of the Eco-Baastel Consortium). This includes developing GEF potential projects on adaptation to climate change in The Gambia and Botswana; • Croatia (Tourism, Biodiversity and Coastal Zone Management, Project Design Expert, 2004-2006). UNDP/GEF; • Sustainable Land Management in Near East and North Africa region (2006, IFAD/GEF); • Pakistan (Sustainable Land Management, 2005 and sustainable management of unique biodiversity in forest ecosystems, November 2004 and December 2005) UNDP and UNDP/GEF; • Pakistan: design of GEF MSP project “Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation into the Juniper Forest Ecosystem Production Landscape” (IUCN Pakistan, 2004) • Congo River Basin Management (International Team Leader, 2005); • Iran (Biodiversity in Zagros Mountains Lands, Team Leader, completed December 2004). UNDP/GEF; • Sistan Basin (Transboundary wetland management, Team Leader, completed late 2004). UNDP/GEF; • Hungary (Restoration and Management of the Biodiversity in Tisza River, completed in October 2004) UNDP/GEF; • Albania, Belarus and Macedonia (GEF/Sustainable land management, during 2003/4); • South Caucuses (GEF/Trans-boundary river management, lead consultant, completed in August 2003); • Middle East (GEF/Agro-biodiversity and knowledge management project, Project Design Expert, 2005). Institutional Development, Governance and Programme Development • Formulation Specialist for Climate Resilience and Climate Proofing of the New UNDP Programme of Assistance (Myanmar, 2012); • Team Leader for the Preparation of a Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) of the Volta Basin, West Africa (UNEP/GEF, 2011); • Lead International Consultant, Preparation of the Seychelles National Action Plan for Sustainable Land Management (Global Mechanism/Government of Seychelles, 2011); • International Consultant, Preparation of UN REDD in Nigeria (UNDP, February 2011); • International Consultant to prepare an Integrated Programme for Climate Change in Iraq (UNEP, December 2010); • International Consultant, Development of Portfolio for GEF 5, Vietnam (UNDP Vietnam, July – October 2010); • International Advisor, Green Development Project, Xinjiang, China (UNDP, June 2010); • International Consultant, to assist the UNCCD Secretariat in developing evidence-based options for improving regional coordination arrangements, UNCCD Secretariat (May – July 2009); • Team Leader, Preparation of the West African Sub-Regional Action Plan to Reduce Vulnerability to Climate Change (the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, October 2008 – March 2009); • Lead consultant in the process to develop the Cadbury Sustainable Cocoa Partnership in Ghana, a $70 million, 10 year programme to transform the cocoa growing communities in Ghana (February-October 2008). Client: UNDP Ghana; • Short-term Assignment on optimising UNDP support to addressing Climate Change in Bangladesh (July 2008); • Team Leader for development of the China Biodiversity Partnership Framework (November 2003 and throughout 2006-2008). I undertook approximately 7 visits to China for a total input of approximately 30 weeks (including home-based work). Client: Ministry of Environmental Protection and UNDP/GEF; • Developed an options paper on delivery mechanisms for the GEF Small Grants Programme for consideration by GEF Council (December – March 2008). Client: UNDP New York; • Development of the Sectoral Investment Package for Natural Resources and Environment sector with the Ministry of Finance in East Timor (October 2003 and February 2004); • Advisor to the design phase of the global UNDP/GEF project ‘Institutionalising Ecosystem Payments’ (2005); • International consultant to formulate the UNDP Zimbabwe Environmental Programme (December 2003); • Contributing author to the UNEP Post-Conflict Environmental Assessment in Afghanistan (September 2002); Leading author of the China 2002 Human Development Report (June – December 2001); • Leading author of the China 2002 Human Development Report (June – December 2001). Monitoring and Evaluation • Lead Consultant, Joint GEF/UNDP SGP Evaluation: Preparing for GEF6 (GEF, 2013 and ongoing); • Team Leader, Mid-Term Evaluation of the Sudan NAPA Follow-up Project: Implementing NAPA Priority Interventions to Build Resilience in the Agriculture and Water Sectors to the Adverse Impacts of Climate Change in Sudan (UNDP/GEF, 2013); • Team Leader, Mid Term Evaluation of the Project “Arafura and Timor Seas Ecosystems Action Program (ATSEA)” (UNDP/GEF/UNOPS, 2012); • Team Leader, Mid-Term Evaluation of the Project “Strengthening Community Based Forestry and Watershed Management” in Indonesia (UNDP/GEF 2012); • Team Leader, Mid-Term Evaluation of the Project “Implementation of the Strategic Action Programme for Lake Tanganyika” (UNDP/GEF, 2011); • Team Leader, Mid-Term Evaluation of the project “The Caspian Sea: Restoring Depleted Fisheries and Consolidation of a Permanent Regional Environmental Governance Framework” (UNDP/GEF, 2010); • International Expert, GEF Country Profile Evaluation – Turkey (Global Environment Facility, 2009/2010); • Senior Evaluation Expert: “Evaluation of UNDP contribution to Prevention and Recovery in countries affected by natural disasters”, responsible for Mozambique and Madagascar country studies (Client: UNDP Evaluation Office, 2010) ; • Team Leader, Assessment of Development Results, UNDP Seychelles (UNDP Evaluation Office, 2009), • Project Evaluator, Reversing the Land and Water Degradation Trends in the Chad Lake Basin, (UNDP/WB/GEF, March 2009); • Facilitator to strengthen the M&E Framework of the global GEF/UNEP/WI Project: ‘Wings Over Wetlands’, (Biodiversity project, WI/UNOPS, October 2007); • Monitoring and Evaluation Expert, Project on Adaptation to Climate Change in Coastal Areas of West Africa (UNESCO/UNDP/GEF, 2007); • Adaptive Management Advisor, the China Marine Biodiversity Project, UNDP/GEF (Biodiversity project, 2006/07); • Joint Team Leader, Terminal Evaluation of the Caspian Environment Programme – Strategic Environment Programme (UNDP/GEF, June – September 2007); • Team Leader, Terminal Evaluation of the UNDP/GEF/FFEM MedWetCoast Project, covering 6 Mediterranean countries (Biodiversity and IW project, June – Nov. 2006); • Team Leader, Evaluation of UNDP Pakistan Environment and Energies Outcome (April 2005); • Developed the “Practitioners Guide for Measuring UNDP-GEF Sustainable Land Management Projects” and developed the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for UNDP/GEF LDC-SIDS Sustainable Land Management Global Portfolio Project (2005); • Team Leader, Evaluation of the Government of Uzbekistan/UNDP Environment Programme (July 2004); • Evaluator, ‘The African NGO-Government Partnerships for Sustainable Biodiversity Action Project’. This UNDP/GEF project covered 10 countries on the African continent (Biodiversity project, January 2003). Capacity Development and Capacity Assessment All of the programmes and projects that I have designed, or have been otherwise involved with, have had a significant component on capacity development. Most projects include all types and all levels of capacity. In addition I have worked on the following processes that took capacity development as the entry point; • Technical Support to the UNDP/GEF Capacity Development Portfolio (Client: UNDP/GEF. From October 2011 – December 2012); • Formulated UNDP/GEF Project Proposals (CB 2) to develop capacity to implement the Rio Conventions in Laos, in the Philippines and in Ghana (2006); • Lead author of a first Resource Kit to guide implementers of UNDP/GEF supported National Capacity Self Assessments (NCSA) and lead resource person at Regional workshops in Eastern Europe/Central Asia (2003/2004); • Initiated and developed GEF/NCSA projects in Peru, Cambodia, Laos, Tunisia, Vietnam, Congo-Brazzaville, Gabon, Iran, Niger, Mauritania and Albania. Lobbied and raised awareness with multi-sectoral stakeholders, catalysed implementation arrangements, and prepared GEF proposals (November 2001 – January 2004); • Technically supported projects and mentored the project teams assessing national capacity to implement global environment conventions in Armenia, Belarus, Latvia, Macedonia and Romania (2003/2004); • Mentored an assessment of institutional capacity to implement the Convention on Biological Diversity in Armenia (January – June 2002); ii) Division Chief, United Nations Development Programme, China. Manager of the Energy and Environment Programme (April 1998 - September 2000). Mr. Fenton managed and supervised a multi-national team of 6-8 professional staff and a portfolio of over 100 technical assistance projects (each project typically investing US$1-2 million over 2-4 years). He was awarded the highest possible grading in his final performance review. His achievements included: • Mobilised resources: almost doubling the portfolio during the period; • Held detailed negotiations on project strategies, activities, implementation arrangements with Chinese government and government departments; • Constructed effective partnerships with private sector organisations, donor community (eg. Ausaid, Dutch government, EU), with Chinese academic and non-governmental organisations, and with government departments; • Developed and supervised implementation of the UNDP China Environment and Energy Strategy and Action Plan; • Integrated environmental concerns with other UNDP China programmes, particularly with economic reform (eg. on energy sector reform) and poverty alleviation (eg. on wetlands management); • Guided the strategic development of the programme, determining which partners to work with, which technical areas to focus in, which management tools to support and how to anchor activities; • Increased the communication and influence of project/programme results, for example through the development and implementation of an advocacy plan; • Initiated and managed new approaches, eg, National Execution procedures for Montreal Protocol funded projects, eg, GEF programme approach; • Managed consultants, organised workshops, oversaw bidding processes, approved payments, finalised workplans, coordinated missions etc.; • Played a central role in developing office-wide policy (substantive, administrative and personnel); • Contributed to recruitment, promotion and releasing processes. iii) GEF Consultant, United Nations Development Programme, China (August 1997 – March 1998). He designed projects in the areas of renewable energy, climate change convention, international waters protection and wetlands biodiversity. This included consultation and information gathering. This also included securing cost-sharing from bilateral donors. iv) Project Coordinator, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Government of Vietnam (July 1995 - July 1997). He coordinated Phase 1 of the Vietnam Capacity 21/UNDP project, which aimed to integrate environmental considerations into planning and investment decision-making. Located within the Department of Science, Education and Environment, he: • advised the Department staff and other government bodies/departments on a daily basis; • provided on-the-job and formal training, eg. participating in workshops targeting the development, environmental, and industrial sectors, in Hanoi and in the provinces; • prepared training material; • prepared detailed TOR for all project inputs and activities; • organised workshops, visiting missions, consultancies; • prepared workplans, payment requests, financial reports, etc; • prepared monitoring reports. v) Environment Officer, United Nations Development Programme, Vietnam (June 1993 - June 1995). During this time, he: • monitored 5 technical assistance projects, organised visiting missions, evaluations, etc; • identified new sources of funds, and assisted Government to access the funds; • prepared TOR and workplans, and technically supported consultants, workshops, etc; • negotiated with government departments and representatives of donor agencies; • designed several projects in the natural resource sector. vi) Internee, Commission of the European Communities (October 1992 – March 1993). He supported project appraisal and policy support.
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Funding and resource mobilization; Poverty reduction/Development; Land management; Stakeholder involvement/Negotiations

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