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Elena Laura Ferretti, Environment & Development Consultant

I have a Master Degree in Environmental Management; I work as consultant for UN Agencies, EU, Development Banks. My specialty is planning, monitoring and evaluation in environment and social related aspects. Key qualifications: Broad experience in all phases of the PCM and in leading groups of experts for reports elaboration, project formulation and planning. Six years continuative experience with UNDP dealing with poverty reduction and environmental projects and Gender Focal Point in the DR UNDP Office. M&E of gender targeted projects, projects with a gender component and gender as a cross-cutting issue. Strong and proven knowledge of methods and procedures of the UN and EU Co-operation in ALA, PHARE, TACIS regions. Strong and proven knowledge of EU Project Cycle Management especially as a planner and M&E of EU-funded projects. Broad experience in M&E systems, Monitoring for Impact, ROM, Evaluations (ex-ante, ex-post, mid-term, final, concept notes and full proposals). Project and programme planning and application of Participatory Methodologies for sustainable development, institutional strengthening, natural resources conservation, protected areas, social and environmental assessment, social inclusion, vulnerable people and gender issues. Experience in monitoring NGOs and in organizing and facilitating training events. Experience in Agricultural Research for Development in the context of the ERA-ARD Project including gender in agriculture.
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Experienced M&E


Agriculture; Biodiversity; Climate change; Ecology; Funding and resource mobilization; Gender; Land degradation and restoration; Poverty reduction/Development; Stakeholder involvement/Negotiations

Available for:

Consultancy; Consultancy to Parties; Consultancy to support reporting process

Contact details:

​Elena Laura Ferretti Via Monte alle Croci, 12 50125 Florence - Italy. 0039055 2340461





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